Monday, August 6, 2012

August Inspiration Board: Embracing The Rain on Your Wedding Day

The thought of rain on your wedding day (especially for the months of June to October) would make many brides wince but rainy season doesn't have to be gloomy and grey. We can totally embrace the rain by choosing bright color motif and incorporate trendy and cute accessories to make it stylish and fun for your photos that will turn negative vibes into positive. 

{August Inspiration Board: Embracing the Rainy Season}

Here are a number of fun tips for a rainy cheerful wedding:
• Consider a bright color or uniquely designed pair of rain boots to wear under your wedding gown. 
• Have a change of outfit for the reception but before you change into your reception clothes, go out in the rain after the ceremony and have a romantic rainy photo shoot.
• Have your bridesmaids wear fun trendy rain boots and hold colorful umbrellas.
• Hand out pashminas (in your color motif) to guests to keep the cold away in the evening.
• Give guests umbrellas (in your color motif) as they arrive to make for some great group shots outdoors
• Embrace the dark skies, some of the nicest photos are the atmospheric clouds and a great photographer will make the most of these shots!

Whatever the season may be, there is always a chance of rain. So for all those brides worried about the rain, don’t fret. Be sure to have a plan B that includes one or more items that we mentioned above. Carry a big smile and tell your guests to wrap up warm, be cozy and enjoy the rain. On a brighter side, the rain makes for some memorable moments and photographs for you to look at for the rest of your lives. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in this post. If you're the owner or know someone who owns any of the photos in this post, please notify me for proper credit. Thank you. :)


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  1. Very inspiring! Our wedding is August next year and I am thinking of making this my wedding theme in time for the season.



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