Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Wedding Style

Dear Online Diary,

Since H2B popped the big question, I always knew that I wanted to be a hands-on bride. Thankfully, I got a lot of help from my family and found wedding treasures from online resources such as W@W,, GirlTalk and TheKnot as well as the countless bridal fairs that we attended.

I’m sure I was able to share what our wedding theme and motif are, but it’s probably good to mention these things again now that I want to talk about our overall wedding style.

{Nature Photography: It's All About Us}

Our wedding theme is Nature Photography. We love to travel and take photos of almost anything and everything under the sun. Well, nature is our favorite subject. Nature-related photos dominate our portfolio. I may not give a precise explanation but photography is something that H2B and I enjoy doing together and we will probably doing this for the rest of our lives.

Nature is the main inspiration of our wedding color – dark turquoise (which is the pantone color of 2010), euro green and yellow gold. This combo spells fun, brightness and happiness. It’s probably safe to say that these shades are our favorite colors.

{Inspiration: Female Entourage dresses}

Our female entourage will don these specific colors – our Secondary Sponsors will wear cocktail dresses in turquoise shade, our Teen Bridesmaids will be in euro green cocktail dresses while our little miss flower girls will strut in sunny bright yellow dresses. Our mothers and MoH will wear gowns in different shades of blue. I personally chose the type of fabric as we want their dresses to be flowy and girly yet elegant.

{Inspiration: Groom and Male Entourage}

{Male Entourage Inspiration: We'll create a distinction just like this}

Of course, we can’t leave the guys out of equation, can we? My handsome H2B will marry me in a dark suit with matching waistcoat and necktie while his groomsmen and best man will be in barong tagalog. We prefer this combination to distinguish my H2B from the rest of the guys and we feel that a suit will look perfect with my gown.

{Different types of yellow blooms}

We will use different types of yellow blooms to decorate the church and the reception venue. As we all know, yellow flowers means happiness. We want our wedding to be a day of fun and happiness. I think everyone will agree that yellow is such a cheerful color. It can easily brighten a rather gloomy day.

Finally, we will be able to use all the DIY projects that we've created. Here are some of the finished items:
{Our DIY Projects: 1.Wedding Cord 2. Bride & Groom Caricature 3. Fascinator for BM 4. Fascinator for MoH 5. Letter Block 6. Escort Card 7. Kissing Bell 8. Fascinator for SS 9. Monogram 10. Table Number 11. Fascinator for FG 12. Couple Bears}

While it's probably true that for me, our wedding style is of high importance -- my gown, shoes, flowers and overall look should match that of my groom’s as well as our entourage, I still want to send the message that this particular day is all about us (H2B and I) and our love for each other. :))

It's 24 days to go before the Big Day. We're almost there! *kilig


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