Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Groom’s Attire: Major accomplishment!!!

Dear Online Diary,

At long last, suit-hunting days are over!

H2B was able to come up with a decision as far as his wedding attire is concern. He purchased a suit and pants (complete attire) yesterday with the help of yours truly.

Months ago, H2B raised his concerns about wearing a suit while he expressed that he wanted to wear a traditional Barong Tagalog. However, I did raise my points and told him that one of my wishes is for him to wear a suit on our wedding day.

Because he wanted to show how good a husband-to-be he is, he granted my wish. I (happily) collected several pegs of suits and showed it to him. The thing is, he’s not a big fan of expensive suit and pants especially since he does not see the need of wearing it again.

With this in mind, we have only one resolution.

We went to several shopping centers to look for affordable but stylish suits. This is where I discovered how particular he is when it comes to clothes. I swear, it took us five solid hours on our fifth day of suit-hunting when he finally found what he wanted. Here’s a sneak peak of what he will look like on our wedding day:

{My Picky H2B}

It's just 47 days to go before our Big day. The excitement is just around the corner! :))


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