Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Report: Accomplishments & DIY Projects

Dear Online Diary,

There’s a lot of things going on now that it’s almost just a month before the wedding. I’m so thrilled because H2B (finally) shows some hint of excitement towards the wedding. Our AVP (his project) is looking great. Get this: with 3D effect! (Winner!)

Here are our accomplishments:
  • H2B’s NSO problem has been resolved! Thank God, he can now apply for a Philippine passport.
  • We received our Marriage License (overdue sharing).
{Our Marriage License From Las PiƱas City Hall}
  • Our Wedding Banns are posted! This particularly made my heart beat faster (photos to follow).
  • We received our Wedding Invitation from Wink and it’s ready for distribution. We decided to create a small booklet that contains pertinent information taken from our wedding website. We will then include this booklet with the invitation.
{Our Invitation and DIY Booklet Cover}
  • Our DIY misalette is ready for printing. I’m digging the simple cover. (Finished product will be posted soon.)
{DIY Misalette Cover}
  • I’ve sent our DIY photo booth layout to Photobot Manila and I’m ecstatic to know that they are going to use it on our wedding. Thank you, Ms. Aggie!
{Our DIY Photobooth Layout}

… and finally (drum roll please),
  • We picked up my bridal gown from Marc Rancy! (I was tempted to wear it when we got home but everyone was against it.)

{My Bridal Gown (inside the gown bag) by Marc Rancy}

While we're at it, here are the things that we're working on:
  • Pre-Cana Seminar (Had to finalize our schedule We'll start on the 25th)
  • DIY Entourage fascinators and headpieces
  • Reception details and centerpieces (Our schedule and that of Ms. Anj’s just don’t meet. I hope we can set a schedule asap.)
  • Endorse everything to OTD (I had to say everything because we have yet to schedule a second meeting/YM so they would better understand our wedding concept.)
  • Meeting of the Two Families itinerary (We refuse to call it “Pamamanhikan” but we want our families to meet, greet and bond for one whole day. It’s happening this month on the 18th!)
  • (For lack of a better term, I had to use) “Bridal beauty” :))

It's 46 days to go before the Big day. Busy, busy, busy. :))

[Schedule update: 9/10/2010]



  1. i love it sis! :) hehehe..ganda ng lalagyan ng bridal gown ni Marc! :) the meeting we had last April, plano palang niya yan eh :) buti natuloy! :) bongga!! :) excited na ako sa wedding gown mo :)

  2. Hi sis LA,

    true. super pretty and cool ng lalagyan ng gown ni Marc. love it! thanks sis for dropping by. :))

  3. wow tapos na gown mo sis! happiness!!! cant wait for your photos sa wedding na :) galing talaga! super happy for you! :)

  4. correct sis mau! happiness to the highest level tlga. at hindi mukhang minadali (if you know what i mean :P)! :))

  5. Its so nice article...
    Thanks for sharing...



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