Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Guest List

Dear Online Diary,

I can’t believe how finalizing the guest list takes forever. H2B and I have been working on it for about five (yes, five!) months now and it’s nowhere near our target head count. Partially because I belong to a huge clan and I’m afraid that people will get hurt when they found out that they are not invited to our wedding (the other part is, yet again, lack of time). Seriously, it’s not easy to tell people that they are not invited without hurting their feelings, right?

Anyhow, I was just rummaging around the net when I came across this cute bridal website. To my surprise, they have a flow chart on guest list decision-making. It’s pretty simple, it’s like telling us that deciding who to send the invitation is the easiest task ever. See for yourself:

{Guest List Flowchart from Today's Bride}

What do you think? It makes a lot of sense, right? :)

.. and oh, H2B is almost done with his own DIY project. I expect to share it to you next month. Happy preps!


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