Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wedding Checklist: PS Gifts

Dear Online Diary,

We have found our principal sponsors gifts!

Just like most couples, we want to give them something that will remind them of our wedding (sans frames and figurines and the likes) but deciding what to give them was one of the hardest things we had to do. H2B suggested giving them practical items good for everyday use but it won’t be as romantic and memorable as I want it to be.

The solution: we’re going to give them two gifts – edible and non-edible.

We’ve searched the web for as long as I can remember when I found the page of Sophia’s Chocolat. Their bridal car design is too irresistible. It’s unique, plus, they do have elegant boxes of delicious Belgian chocolates. After browsing through their product photos, I sent an inquiry via email. Surprisingly, Sir Alex sent a reply with precise answers to my questions later that day. He suggested to set an appointment in order to see the actual products and, get this, taste test the chocolates.

{The cutest (edible) bridal car I've ever seen. (Photo taken from Sophia's Chocolat)}

{Sophia's Chocolat: Bridal car (back)}
Earlier today, H2B and I met the people behind Sophia’s Chocolat, the husband-and-wife tandem of Sir Alex and Ms. Michelle. They presented their chocolate products with flare. Seriously, every single item that they showed us is amazingly elegant and presentable, even the item which costs Php45.00. They also let us taste the chocolates. H2B and I think it’s delicious and creamy. It's not too sweet nor bitter. It's just right.

{Sophia's Chocolat products: They brought all these for us to see the actual items.}

I like that they aren’t hard sellers. They know how to start a good conversation. They even shared some of their wedding preparation experiences (yes, including stressful moments with suppliers) and they understand what we are going through.

{"Sharing" Time: Sir Alex and Ms. Michelle, the husband-and-wife tandem of Sophia's Chocolat}

I like how Sophia’s Chocolat started so let me share a bit of what Sir Alex shared with us. If I remembered correctly, in 2004 when Ms. Michelle was pregnant with their first child, she had to stay at home and leave her day job. Overtime, she got bored with nothing much to do. That’s when she and Sir Alex decided to make chocolate treats for friends and relatives. They received good feedbacks until they got orders from clients via referrals. Since then, they’ve been making sweet treats for happy and satisfied clients. Sweet, isn’t it?

... And yes, we ordered a couple of chocolate boxes and items for our sponsors and entourage. It’s a great gift to spread the sweetness of our marriage. Afterall, everybody loves (special Belgian) chocolates. :))

{Smile for the camera: Sir Alex, yours truly and Ms. Michelle after the deal (Photo by H2B).}

We adore them because:
- They are a husband-and-wife tandem. They are partners. They instantly became my inspiration of what I want us (H2B and I) to be in the future.
- They are not hard sellers. They let their products speak for themselves.
- The chocolate that they are using is of highest quality BUT their product is really affordable (I mean REALLY affordable).
- I like the packaging of their products (especially the bridal car – it’s solid chocolate). Although their signature boxes are limited to only two colors (red and black) and it doesn’t match our motif, we decided to order (number of orders goes here). What’s important is the gift itself. We can always do something about the boxes (since we’re going to receive the chocolates 2-3 days before the wedding).
- They have a variety of designs (or molds) to choose from.
- They gave us a good first impression (you know how first impressions last).
- They are generous. They let us bring home a box of chocolates :))

{This is the box of chocolates from Sir Alex and Ms. Michelle that we took home. Thank you :))}

Thank you so much, Sir Alex and Ms. Michelle, for meeting us today and for being so nice. More power! :))

Supplier’s Contact info:
Alex M. Montiflor or Michelle Villarica-Montiflor
Email: or
Mobile Nos: 0920-8667609 (Smart); 0923-5309982 (Sun)
Landline :(632) 774-7534

H2B and I found the non-edible gifts for PS. It’s something related to our wedding theme. What is it? It’s a HUGE secret (for now)!



  1. i also like the bridal car. thanks for sharing, sis.

  2. sis, masarap ba talaga? sige ilagay ko sila sa mga possible suppliers sa wedding namin (which is end of next year pa, hahaha!)

  3. salamat sa pagshare nito sis!

  4. thank you girls! am glad you found this post helpful.

    sis mau, masarap, promise. :))



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