Monday, August 23, 2010

Sharing: Our Mock-Up Invitation

Dear Online Diary,

Last Wednesday, H2B and I received the mock-up version of our invitation from Wink. It’s exactly what we want. H2B is happy especially with the way the main invites turned out. Can you guess why?

{Our Mock-Up Invitation from Wink}

If your guess is because of the caricature, you’re right. Now that I’m at it, let me share how we chose this particular design. It’s a bit peculiar and, if you’re going to ask me, out-of -nowhere-slash-special.

While we were flipping through the sample designs, he gave a hint that he wanted to include our caricature on our invitation (if you’re a follower of this blog, you’ll know that he created our wedding caricature). On the other hand, I wanted to do away with plants or floral designs. I wanted something different (hormones?). We’re on the third album when I saw this gorgeous damask invites. I knew I kind of like it. I pointed my finger at it, and said “I like this…” at the same time, out of nowhere, H2B’s finger came right on the same invite and said “parang ganito, bhy, oh (referring to the caricature) …” we looked at each other and we started to laugh. See, during the course of our wedding preps, we rarely agree or want the exact same thing. Almost always, we have to lay all our cards or someone has to give in before we come up with a decision (please don't ask why. It's one of those things that we can't explain but became part of our relationship. I guess that's how we show our affection towards each other).

There you go. That’s the story of how we came to choose our invitation design. We will receive the complete set on Saturday. I can't wait to distribute the invites! This is it! :))


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