Monday, August 9, 2010

Updates for the Past Week

Dear Online Diary,

It dawned on me that it’s been ages since my last post. I’ve been very, very, very busy with all things related to wedding now that we have a little more than 2 months left before the Big Day. Now, for the updates:

City Hall Seminars = Checked!
H2B and I took a leave from our job last August 5th to attend the City Hall seminar about Family Planning and Marriage Preparedness. It was a fun day saved to the seminar where the speaker talked about the programs of DSWD, which took 3 hours off our day. (pictures to follow)

Misallette = almost finished.
I asked for a copy from the Church registrar since they do not allow “personalized” ceremony. They have a structured ceremony to follow. We got no problem with that just as long as they will bless our marriage. It took me a week just to finish typing the book. It’s ready for printing and copy reading.

Principal Sponsors’ Gift = almost done with the deal.
We found the perfect gift for our PS last Wedding Congress Asia. We just need to agree with the design and we’re done.

Speaking of Wedding Congress Asia, H2B received a text message from the organizers congratulating him for winning a GC from Bradford shoes. Congratulations, H2B! :))

Wedding Rings = scheduled for pick-up on August 27th.
Our rings are now being mold. I hope they will do the rings perfectly. I can’t wait to pick up our babies on August 27th.

Invitation = endorsed for printing.
We've finally approved the mock-up invites and we're scheduled to visit Wink this weekend to see the actual design before they mass-produce the invites.

DIY Wishing Well = almost done.
Yes, we will place a wishing well at our reception venue for monetary gifts and wishes. We still think it’s tacky to include our preferred gift in our invites but having a cute wishing well will somehow lessen the impact. It’s not a charity event, we know.

For this week, I can’t wait to get our marriage license and I’m giddy to attend our Canonical interview. Plus, we’re schedule to take the 4-part Pre-Cana seminar next month.Whew! :))


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