Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nice-to-Have: Blue Suede Shoes, anyone?

Dear Online Diary,

While I’m taking a bit of rest planning the details of our reception and song-hunting, I’d like to share these eye candies for our lovely feet. Although I've found my bridal shoes months ago, I can't help but drool over these lovely blue (and teal) shoes from Shoecrazeee:

Pretty, aren’t they? What a great way to share your “something blue”. :))



  1. Nice shoes! I'm having blue shoes too, for my wedding. I found nice blue dressy flats at Rusty Lopez just last month. Love it, 'coz I can wear it again afterward, even with very casual attire. :-D Nice to meet you and your blog. :-D

  2. Hi there marikoy! Thank you for visiting my blog. Congratz on finding your wedding shoes. :)) I found one, too but this batch is too hard to resist. The only thing that's keeping me from ordering is that these shoes are 4 inches high! I doubt if I can reach altar without stumbling. :))
    Best wishes and Godbless :))



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