Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Bridal Look Promise: “I am going to be a Radiant Bride”

Dear Online Diary,

In my previous post, you've read all about our wedding style -- our wedding theme, motif, flowers, entourage gowns and all the DIY projects that I have created for our wedding. You have known that even if our wedding style is of high importance, I still want to send the message that our wedding is about us (H2B and I) and our love for each other.

But still, everyone says a bride should look her most beautiful on her wedding day. Why not? If we're going to think about it, it’s going to happen only once in her lifetime.

As the wedding draws near, people ask what I want to look like on our wedding --- my hairstyle, the style of my gown, the type and color of my bouquet, yada, yada. Well, I have only one answer ... and Mr. Webster defined it as:
ra•di•ant adj \ˈrā-dē-ənt\ 1 a : radiating rays or reflecting beams of light b : vividly bright and shining : glowing 2 : marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness
That’s exactly what I want to be on our wedding day. I want to have a bright and shining aura when the door opens for me to enter the church. I want to be confident and I want my heart be filled with happiness and love as I walk down the aisle to meet the man I can’t live without, who will be longingly waiting for me at the other end of the church. Yes, definitely. I am going to be a Radiant Bride.

Our Wedding Style

Dear Online Diary,

Since H2B popped the big question, I always knew that I wanted to be a hands-on bride. Thankfully, I got a lot of help from my family and found wedding treasures from online resources such as W@W,, GirlTalk and TheKnot as well as the countless bridal fairs that we attended.

I’m sure I was able to share what our wedding theme and motif are, but it’s probably good to mention these things again now that I want to talk about our overall wedding style.

{Nature Photography: It's All About Us}

Our wedding theme is Nature Photography. We love to travel and take photos of almost anything and everything under the sun. Well, nature is our favorite subject. Nature-related photos dominate our portfolio. I may not give a precise explanation but photography is something that H2B and I enjoy doing together and we will probably doing this for the rest of our lives.

Two Families, One Roof

Dear Online Diary,

Every detail of the wedding has been finalized. The only missing link is that our families haven't got the chance to meet in person. We can't let the two families meet only on the wedding day itself so last September 18th, H2B and I arranged a simple and straight-forward dinner just to let acquaint everyone with each other. Get a glimpse of the two families together under just one roof.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Sacred Visit to Saint Clare Monastery

Dear Online Diary,

Prayer is such a powerful tool especially when it’s done wholeheartedly.

Last Sunday, H2B and I visited St. Clare Monastery in Katipunan, Quezon City. Many attested how Saint Clare made their heart’s wishes come true.

{Shrine of St. Clare}

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Primping up…

Dear Online Diary,

Just thought of sharing these "upgraded" DIY items. :))

DIY: Head Candies for my Girls

Dear Online Diary,

You've seen the sneak peek... and now, I’ve finished one of my special projects – fascinators.

These fascinators are personalized, handcrafted and created with love for my female entourage, who are all very special to me. All designs are unique, just like each of my girls. :))

My MoH requested a small, simple fascinator. Here's what I've made for her:

{for my MoH}

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Quick DIY Update

Online Diary,

I’m on my second day of “hibernation”. I can say I’ve done most of the final details needed for our wedding. Before hitting the sack, I just want to post a sneak peak of what I was doing today, which I expect to complete tomorrow.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Divilandia Experience: Ready, Get Set, DIY!

Dear Online Diary,

Yesterday, H2B and I spent one whole day at Divisoria, Manila, aptly called "Divilandia" because it is considered by many as the haven of everything you need at very affordable prices.

The night before, I listed all the items that we need to finish all our pending projects. Then, as early as 8 o’clock in the morning, H2B and I were on the road leading to the two most popular streets in Divilandia -- Ilaya and Tabora streets.

It was raining when we reach Divilandia but even the rain did not ruin our excitement. We decided to check out a few stores inside the Tutuban Mall while waiting for the rain to stop. We got a few (wedding and non-wedding related) things, including two Beatles shirts for H2B (oh, he’s a huge fan of the Beatles, that I can tell you.)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Report: Accomplishments & DIY Projects

Dear Online Diary,

There’s a lot of things going on now that it’s almost just a month before the wedding. I’m so thrilled because H2B (finally) shows some hint of excitement towards the wedding. Our AVP (his project) is looking great. Get this: with 3D effect! (Winner!)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Groom’s Attire: Major accomplishment!!!

Dear Online Diary,

At long last, suit-hunting days are over!

H2B was able to come up with a decision as far as his wedding attire is concern. He purchased a suit and pants (complete attire) yesterday with the help of yours truly.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Nice-To-Have: Leggiero Strings Ensemble

Dear Online Diary,

I can still remember it well as if it happened yesterday…

H2B and I were at the Perfect Beginnings Bridal Expo when we first witnessed the recital of Jamer Yapchulay. He is a young violist and a member of Leggiero Strings. Later on, he was joined by the rest of the group. Their music touched our hearts and then, we fell in love. Yes, all over again.

{Leggiero Strings Performance from YouTube}


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