Friday, September 3, 2010

Nice-To-Have: Leggiero Strings Ensemble

Dear Online Diary,

I can still remember it well as if it happened yesterday…

H2B and I were at the Perfect Beginnings Bridal Expo when we first witnessed the recital of Jamer Yapchulay. He is a young violist and a member of Leggiero Strings. Later on, he was joined by the rest of the group. Their music touched our hearts and then, we fell in love. Yes, all over again.

{Leggiero Strings Performance from YouTube}

Furthermore, what’s amazing about them is that they are a family of musicians. Jack and Merlie Yapchulay, Jamer’s parents, pioneered the group in 1993. They have several videos in YouTube featuring their key performances. We definitely think that they will make our wedding more memorable.

We went to their booth to ask for their rates. Surprisingly, their rates are affordable. We particularly asked for Jamer because we love his style. Unfortunately, Ms. Merlie couldn’t promise that Jamer can make it on our wedding date as he has prior commitments but she provided their schedules of performances so we could also hear their group recital without Jamer.

And so we did. They are amazing, no doubt. It’s just that, we (alright, I) did not feel the “this-is-it” feeling without Jamer. (Again, it’s just me.) I surely hope that there will come a time where we can get them (even if it’s not for our wedding).


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