Monday, July 16, 2012

The Fit and Flare Wedding Gown


There are numerous types of wedding gowns a bride can choose from but the fit and flare style is my favorite for a number of reasons. It's dainty, romantic, modern, elegant and sexy all at the same time. Other than the love and attention that I received, it made me feel so radiant and beautiful on our wedding day.

{Photo ops: Me and my wedding gown. More photos here.}

This type of gown is tight in the upper area (usually sleeveless) and flared at the skirt (usually embellished with ruffles, drapes, pleats, frills, beads, embroidery and other unique embellishments). We can find these styles in a wide variety of designs, colors, lengths and fabrics. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Louise and Edison: Nature-inspired Green Wedding Cord


Louise requested a custom-made wedding cord that will clearly exude the whimsical part of nature – their wedding theme. As our wedding theme was nature-inspired, my heart was filled with joy and excitement when I was designing the cord for Louise. Here’s the unique wedding cord that I created for them:

 {The store was filled with rainbows as soon as I found the perfect pendant and centerpiece for the cord}

{The cord is made of glass and crystal beads in different shades of green.}

{I used golden leaves trinkets to give the cord a rich, elegant finish.}

 {The unique wedding cord specially made for Louise and Edison.}

{The bride's feedback... Thank you :)}

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Monday, July 9, 2012

July Inspiration Board: 4th of July Wedding Theme

If your wedding theme is inspired by the 4th of July celebration, here’s some festive, bright, and fabulously patriotic inspiration.

This theme is essentially characterized by red, blue and white motif with some (if not all) of these elements – red and/or blue entourage dresses and suits; red and white flowers, stripe and star ribbons, stationeries and banners; confetti and balloons (after the ceremony); and fireworks (to end the celebration with a bang). As part of the reception/cocktail hour, you may also serve various mini versions of all-American favorite foods such as hotdog in a bun and toast with peanut butter and jelly. Here’s an inspiration board that I created from a random Google search result:

 {Red, White and Blue: 4th of July Inspiration Board}

Here's hoping that your wedding will be as festive as your wedding theme. Happy preps!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rona Lou and John: A Purple Wedding Cord


As one of the most popular wedding colors, Purple has always been regarded to symbolize dignity, tolerance and togetherness. It is also associated with royalty and spirituality, which is evident to the wedding cord that I created for Rona Lou and John.  The cord is made of crystal beads with silver trinkets to match the couple’s traditionally elegant wedding theme.

  {The freestyle wedding cord that I created for Rona Lou and John. It is made of different shades of purple crystal beads, crucifix (pendant), heart (centerpiece) and silver trinkets.}

{The bride's feedback}

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