Sunday, December 27, 2009

OT: A Christmas Angel

Dear Online Diary,

First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and here's hoping that we will all have a Blessed 2010!

This is not in anyway related to our wedding preps but I promise that it's worth it to post this true to life story, which happened just yesterday (I must add) . =)

Exchanging gifts is part of our family tradition every holiday season. Due to hectic schedule, I only was able to find time to get gifts for my family and close relatives the day after Christmas and my shopping time is limited to only two hours because we have to be at the bus terminal at 5:00 pm for the scheduled trip to Vigan.

{We can be confident that SM Sucat has honest employees}

I went to SM Sucat with H2B to get several gifts. We were so busy choosing the right gift for the right person as well as chasing some other stuff. We were at counter 14 to pay for the items when I noticed that my bag is open and my wallet is missing. I panic. Why wouldn’t I when I knew that my wallet has my IDs, ATM cards and cash. Teary-eyed, I informed H2B that I lost it. We went to the package counter to check if it’s in the other bag but it’s not. A lot of things ran through my mind – from applying for a replacement of ID and ATM cards, to blocking my credit cards and to figuring out how much cash I have inside my wallet while praying and hoping that we're going to find it somewhere, somehow.

We asked the security personnel if we could see their CCTV videos as we remembered a middle-aged lady came near me while shopping inside the store. We were then assisted to the customer care desk after we reported that I lost my wallet inside their store. This is where the miracle happened. I never thought that someone can still be honest.

The manager and the security personnel asked me some questions as per standard procedure. After the last query, they finally told me that an employee found my wallet and surrendered it – minutes before we came and report the issue.

H2B and I were both in shock that people like Lanie Barquel can remain as honest and kind-hearted as she is in this difficult time. She’s a Frenchtoss promodizer shopping inside the store on her day-off when she found my wallet lying on the floor. Without thinking twice, she surrendered it to the customer care desk. At that time we knew she’s an angel. She didn’t want any gift – even the cake we brought just for her. It’s against their policy but I refused to leave the mall without giving her the cake to show our gratitude (With her manager's approval, she accepted the cake but she wouldn't let us take a picture of her for this blog). The cake may not be enough but I’m writing this to let the whole wide world know what she’s made of. She's an angel in disguise.

Lanie, you’re a special person and I hope all the employees in the world will be like you (especially the waiters of some wedding suppliers). SM is very lucky to have you. What you did shouldn’t go unnoticed. You made us and the recipients of the gifts happy this Christmas, making it so memorable and different from the previous years. More importantly, you thought me a very valuable lesson and I promise to do the same when it’s my chance to help people in need. More power to you and I’m sure that you will be blessed in every possible way. Thank you very, very much. =)

{Gifts for family, close relatives and church donation. Many thanks to Lanie}

This is my worthy entry to the What's your Christmas Story Contest by Echanted Kingdom


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Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding Checklist: Dessert Bar

Dear Online Diary,

I’m ecstatic to be a W@Wie!

It’s really helpful when you’re in a group where all of the members can relate to one another. It’s even better when a group has activities supported by wedding suppliers.

This is exactly what happened last month when W@W Auction was organized by no less than Ms. Benz Rana, the founder of Weddings At Work. She collated more than 50 supplier products and/or services for the auction, one of which is a Chocolate Fountain dessert bar by Sweet Affair.

Van, the owner, is easy to deal with. After a single acknowledgment email that I won the item, she immediately booked our wedding. I really like suppliers who have internet access because communication is a breeze.

To our guests-to-be, here’s what you can expect on our reception (well, something like this):

Contact Sweet Affair:
34 Nanking St., BF THAI, Las PiƱas City
774.0103; 0917.3472852

Cheers! And oh, it's just four days before Christmas, so Merry Christmas everyone! =)

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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding at Bamboo Organ Church

Dear Online Diary,

H2B and I visited the St. Joseph Parish Church, more popularly known as Bamboo Organ Church, to witness the wedding of my W@W sis Bhey to her boyfriend (now husband) Cholo.

It was indeed a solemn and beautiful wedding. Here are some of the pictures taken by H2B during the ceremony:

A lot of pictures were taken but what catches us the most is this:

To Cholo and Bhey, congratulations on your wonderful wedding and best wishes to your married life. Cheers! =)

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Monday, December 14, 2009

DIY: Save The Date Post Cards

Dear Online Diary,

Since H2B and I wanted our wedding details to be more personalized, I’ve been trying to design our Save The Date (STD) cards using

Due to popularity of scrap booking, was developed to give online users the chance to design their scrap book without heading to a bookstore or craft store. It allows users to download a copy of their pictures and book it online before they can have it printed for a minimum fee.

Not only does helps users to document important events and compile pretty snap shots, it helps us, B2Bs, in designing our wedding invites, STDs, Will You Be cards and a whole lot more. In fact, I was able to design our STD using the online software. Here’s our STD using

{STD #1: featuring my engagement ring}

{STD #2: direct to the point}

The site doesn’t need you to be all out artsy, all it takes is a dash of creativity and inspiration. Go to to start your own project now. =)

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Coffee Date with W@Wies

Dear Online Diary,

Date: December 12, 2009, Friday
Location: Starbucks Podium
Invited: Ms. Benz of Weddings at Work and W@Wies
Requirement: Lots of Humor, camaraderie and wedding preps stories

This is by far the happiest girls’ night out I’ve attended for a while. B2Bs, together with Ms. Benz, made it a night full of laughter, wedding preps stories and sharing. Not only did Ms. Benz shared personal stories from her own wedding, she gladly shared how was it like during the first few months of adjustment to the married life.

We’ve learned a lot of things – from glitches to anticipate to little tricks and tips from the expert. It was so nice to see W@Wie friends Hazel, Kristell, Shiela and Diana Grace as well as gaining new friends. Not only that. Ms. Benz gave us free wedding stuffs from sponsored wedding suppliers. She gave away bridal prep dress, cakes, massage GCs, dinner GCs, prenuptial shoots, wedding coverage, all of which are awesome. As a token, she gave us W@W pouch bag, coin, calendar and primer. Thank you, Ms. Benz. =)

It was indeed more than just a caffeine party, isn’t it? Cheers to all B2Bs!

{W@Wie sisses and Ms. Benz at Starbucks Podium}

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Five Languages of Love

Dear Online Diary,

Many but not all couples who are getting married have heard of Gary Chapman. He is the famous lecturer of love and marriage. The most popular of which is his lecture about the five different languages of love.

Is it really possible that love has five languages?

Believe it or not, yes it is. According to studies, many marriages ended in divorce because the couple failed to identify the primary language of love that their respective partner is using.

Exhibit A.
A wife complains that her husband do not feel that she love him even when she’s doing all the house chores. Her husband in return, says she do not love him anymore because his wife do not spend quality time with him.

Exhibit B.
A man says his wife do not love him anymore and is filing divorce. The reason – his wife is not as expressive as she was before. She rarely tells him how much she loves him. The wife contradicts the man’s accusation and says that she’s been giving him gifts and often go shopping for new clothes for him.

The problem – the two couples have miscommunication. They do not know the primary love language of their respective partners.

I’m sure we wouldn’t like our relationship to end like this. We want to give the best that we can to our lifetime partner but how?

The key is to identify the primary language of love which your partner is using. The five primary languages of love are:

1. Words of Affirmation
The person using this as the primary language needs verbal complement and words that build confidence about his or herself.

2. Receiving Gifts
The person using this love language enjoys gifts and presents from his/her partner. this is like an assurance that the other person is thinking about him/her.

3. Act of Service
This person feels most loved when his/her partner help him/her in carrying out a responsibility whether it’s a house chore, an errand or a work.

4. Quality Time
This person needs undivided attention from his/her partner. They appreciate spending long walk with their partner and great conversation.

5. Physical Touch
This person requires his/her partner to be intimate with him/her. They want their partner to embrace them, hold their hands or kiss them often to feel that they are loved.

H2B and I took a test together during the Before I Do seminar to see if we’re expressing our love correctly and to identify our primary language of love. We’re not using the same primary language of love but now that we know what the other requires, we have a better understanding of how to show our love to each other.

As what Gary Chapman said, fill the love tank of your partner by knowing his/her primary language of love.

Know more about Gary Chapman and his amazing works here. Before I Do workshop was held last November 14, 2009 at the Renaissance 2000, Ortigas, Pasig City. Related blog post can be read here.

{"I Heart You" photo by H2B =)}

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Salcedo Weekend Market: Quality Time is Discovery Time

Dear Online Diary,

I heart Saturdays! I love that H2B and I got to share precious moments while discovering new things together. This is exactly what happened last weekend.

Let me share this wonderful experience...

After the usual Saturday breakfast, we decided to walk around Makati Central Business District (CBD) for three reasons – the weather is perfect, H2B brought his infamous dSLR camera and it’s a perfect chance to spend some quality time together (Love Languages 101).

Right off the bat, H2B went trigger happy (yet again). The street corners, pretty flowers, towering buildings as well as long and winding roads -- he was able to capture the best of both worlds that only Makati City could offer.

The great thing about our little Saturday escapade is that we discovered Salcedo Park and Weekend Market. Although it’s conveniently located at the heart of Makati CBD, it was the first time we set foot on the park premises -- and by accident. Out of curiosity, we decided to peak and see what the mini park is all about. Quite amazingly, people from all walks of life enjoy the good food and produce as well as the relaxing ambiance of the park. Here are some of the snapshots H2B gladly shares for this blog:

On our way to the park...

The arc way leading to the mini park..

Colorful blooms for our eyes to see...


Crops and produce...

Ofcourse, my shopaholic persona came out once again. With all the great products, I just can’t leave the park without buying something. I’m glad we found these beautiful Hydrangeas for only P150 a piece.

One look and all I can think of is that it can be my bridal bouquet. It’s perfect. Needless to say, I got one for myself. =)

That's how we enjoyed one quality Saturday. We had so much fun so we've planned to do it once again. The only difference is that it's going to be furniture hunting for our new condo unit. Happiness =)

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Best Bridal Blogs Inclusion

Dear Online Diary,

I was so happy when I opened my inbox today. H2B and I were all over the metro this weekend looking for a good furniture shop for our new condo unit when I have this strong feeling that something’s good is waiting for me.

Weeks ago, I sent an application to to include my little documentation cum blog about our wedding preparation. I haven’t heard from the administrators since then.

Until Stacie Tamaki, founder of the BestBridalBlogs website, sent a thoughtful email to deliver the good news. She said that my application was approved and that my blog icon and link is now viewable on the site. Happiness.

{Screenshot of the page where my blog icon (& link) is featured. View other brides' blog here}

To Stacie, thank you for believing in me and more power to you and to your site. =)

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