Sunday, December 6, 2009

Best Bridal Blogs Inclusion

Dear Online Diary,

I was so happy when I opened my inbox today. H2B and I were all over the metro this weekend looking for a good furniture shop for our new condo unit when I have this strong feeling that something’s good is waiting for me.

Weeks ago, I sent an application to to include my little documentation cum blog about our wedding preparation. I haven’t heard from the administrators since then.

Until Stacie Tamaki, founder of the BestBridalBlogs website, sent a thoughtful email to deliver the good news. She said that my application was approved and that my blog icon and link is now viewable on the site. Happiness.

{Screenshot of the page where my blog icon (& link) is featured. View other brides' blog here}

To Stacie, thank you for believing in me and more power to you and to your site. =)

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