Sunday, November 29, 2009

W@W Christmas Party 2009: Highlights and More!

Dear Online Diary,

The most anticipated party of the year for W@Wies come and go but not the after talk and cuscus on our forum. The ties that bond us grew stronger than ever – cheers to the brides to be!

It was an awesome night. The registration booth people were the nicest registration team H2B and I have encountered for the longest time. They handed the cute cake, commemorative coin and W@W 2010 calendar (pictures to follow) as the event souvenir. We were then guided to take our photos at the Fotoloco photo booth for another souvenir before we went to the event proper. Gosh, the place looked fab and gorgeous.

{Gorgeous Drapes}

{Romantic centerpieces}
{Commemorative W@W Coin and souvenirs from Fotoloco}

We saw familiar faces on our way to the photo booth. W@W sis Kristell and H2B Mark greeted us with friendly smiles and offered the vacant seats at table number 23 --- our wedding day, no less!

We took another photo souvenir from Studio on Wheels and took more pictures at the cocktail area where we loved the gazebo (and worked it out -- hahaha) and the glittering white Christmas tree.

The night was full of fun games, which brought the competitive side of W@Wies. The food was so great. Thanks to Josiah’s and K. Cunanan for the sumptuous meal and desserts.

{Name that Place game}

{Delectable Desserts from Amandes}

{Superb meals from Josiah's...}

{... and K. by Cunanan Catering}

{Sweet Desserts for the sweet tooth}

{Only from the W@W Top Wedding Suppliers}

We met a lot of familiar W@W sisters besides sis Kristell– sis Pinky and her husband Christian, (I mean Bonnie) sis Arlene and her husband Rey, sis Carol and her H2B Khing, sis Fei and her H2B Stan, sis Jaki (ni Jose), sis Jackie and H2B Mike (they’re the coolest with one word reminder -- cab), and sis Che and her H2B Dave. I’m really sorry I forgot some of you. I’m not good at remembering names but I sure remember your kind, friendly faces. =)

{From left to right: Angelo, Eyzel, Kristell and Mark}

{Photo op with all the W@Wies, Ms. Benz and Sir John}

The highlight of the event is none other than the presentation of the W@W Top 10 Suppliers of the year and the announcement of the Top Supplier for 2009. We’re very proud and happy for Atty. Raymond Fortun as he emerged as the Top Supplier. I think everyone in the room agreed to the decision. He’s hardworking and his love and passion to wedding photography is very evident to every photograph he produces for the couple. I’m really glad that we were able to book him as our main photographer. Congratulations, Atty. RF!

{Atty. RF proudly shows the trophy. Sweet, sweet success!!!}

{Photo op with our main photographer: (from left to right) Eyzel, Atty. RF and Angelo}

Watch the video below to find out the rest of the suppliers who made it to the Top 10. Related Story can be found here. =)

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  1. Had so much fun at the party! Glad to finally meet you in person =)

    The drapes and table centerpieces are by Angel of Hearts =)

  2. Hi sis, same pala tayo ng photographer. :) Linked you up in our blog. Link mo rin kami. :)



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