Thursday, November 26, 2009

W@W Auction 2009: Treasured Items

Dear Online Diary,

Finally, it’s official. The two waves of W@W Auction 2009 held on November 15th and 21st are over. There were items that I wish I got but I’m happy with the things we’ve won. Even H2B is delighted and we’re both thankful to Ms. Benz and all the suppliers for doing this.

These are the items that we've won:

- Airbrush Hair and Make-up Trial by Val Villarin (worth P2,500)
- Chocolate Fountain Package by Sweet Affair (worth P6,500)
- Reception Coordination Package by Special Events by the Planner (worth P7,000)
- Wedding Hair and Make-up Package by Val Villarin (worth P18,500)
- Jardin de Miramar as E-session Location (worth P3,500)

These suppliers have proven that they can turn an ordinary wedding into every bride's dream wedding come true. Happiness! =)

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