Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bridal Fair Escapade: Before I Do 6th Edition

Dear Online Diary,

It was a pretty eventful day for both H2b and me. We were looking forward to watch New Moon. Some of you may know that we were trying to get guaranteed seats since Friday. Unfortunately for us, all of the movie houses we’re eyeing to are fully-booked.

We resorted to SM Megamall to see if could get in. Unfortunately, it’s overflowing with team Edward and team Jacob fans who are eager to watch the movie. We have to give up and go to Plan B, which is the bridal fair.

The good thing is -- we have accomplished two wedding items today, both of which are within the budget. Yey!

First that we booked was Photobot for our photo souvenir. What captured us is their backdrop. We have seen a lot of creative back drop from other suppliers but they are the first to offer black and white damask backdrop. I fell in love with it when I saw it. I thought it was perfect since our overall styling is damask. It’s prefect for vintage-themed wedding, too. Their packages are very affordable and the owner is amendable to changes and has little restrictions. He even promised to create a teal and white damask backdrop for our wedding, which is really cool.

{Photobot sample output: the guys and gals behind Photobot!}

We then went out for lunch since the venue has no common area other than Josiah’s food tasting setup in front of the stage. While killing some time, I took the opportunity to review the fliers. That’s when we saw that Go for Flowers’ package is also within our budget. We went back to speak with Maybelle. She was speaking with another potential client so we waited a little bit and browse through their album. When it was our turn, we were turned off because one of her staff kept on interrupting us for her to answer another couple’s inquiry. I wished they waited for their turn before they asked their questions. It was disappointing. Honestly, I wanted to walk away from their booth but H2b suggested to let her finish. Fine but we didn’t book them because of that.

We then found Rocky Bloom's Flowershop. The husband and wife owners seem nice and easy to talk to. There were no other clients so we told them our budget and asked if they could work around it. They were both hesitant at first but we were glad that they gave us really cool discounts. After finalizing the flowers and the number of entourage, we booked them. The package that we got was really affordable. Yey!

{Rocky Bloom's Flowershop: Quality and Affordable Flowers}

Even if we didn’t get to watch New Moon, we’re still happy because we accomplished some things for our wedding. Yey! Watch out for more details about these amazing suppliers. Happy preps! =)

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  1. i'm happy that your visit at our fair was a productive one.

    many blessings!



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