Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Real Wedding: Ritz and Jo’s Hot Pink and Gold Wedding

Ritz is one of my lovely brides/clients who married her best friend and love of her life, Jo, last July 18th. It was a wedding with rich color palette. One would love how the hot pink and gold combination brighten the couple’s big day even more.

{The customized wedding cord from Project Dream Wedding, their bible and wedding rings}

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Neil & Jean’s Black and Pink Wedding Monogram

It’s always nice to know that grooms take (serious) part on wedding preparation and planning. Neil is one of them. He contacted me through our project hub to order a couple of wedding accessories. I’m amaze how detail oriented and how involved he is, given the fact that he is from outside the country.

Neil and Jean have a fabulous wedding theme – an Award’s Night special with glitz and glamour on the side. They are going to use hot pink and shades of pink with black for contrast. It’s going to be a bold wedding. To get the feel of their wedding, I have created two monograms for them. Here they are:
{Wedding monograms for Neil and Jean}

Can you tell which of these cuties did Neil and Jean selected? See more of our past and present works by visiting our project hubs in Facebook or Multiply. Do enjoy your preps because it’ll be one of the wonderful experiences that you’ll be telling your kids about someday. *wink


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Inspiration Board: Emerald Green and Gold

Emerald green is a popular wedding color of choice among a handful of jewel tones. It will go fabulously with gold. In fact when looking for jewelry, it is very hard to find the emerald gemstone set in any other metal color other than yellow gold because they're a match made in heaven. This elegant wedding color combination is best for December or mid-summer weddings to warm up the cold (summer night or holiday) breeze.

{Emerald Green and Gold Inspiration Board (clockwise from left): bridesmaid dress, bridal bouquet, bridal gown, wedding cord, ring pillow, bridal shoes, wedding cake, fascinator, earrings (random images from google search result)}


Friday, August 12, 2011

The Unity Candle Ceremony

The lighting of a unity candle is a relatively recent addition to the traditional wedding ceremony. It is performed to symbolize the pledge of unity between the bride and groom and the joining together of two families.

{The Unity Candle Set: unity candle, two taper candles and two matches}

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Project Preview: A Crucifix with Toile Accent

I'm currently working on another fab wedding cord, this time, for a Victorian-themed wedding. The bride contacted me through our inquiry form a couple of weeks ago and asked if we will be able to create a unique cord for their wedding. The wedding motif is straight-forward with a little twist. They added a black and white toile accent, which inspired me to do this:

{A toile-infused crucifix}

I got a positive feedback from the bride when I showed this to her, which is so great. I will be posting the rest of the photos soon so if you love this, do not forget to visit our project hubs in Facebook or Multiply. Happy preps, everyone! ♥


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Old Hollywood Wedding Cord

Not so long ago, I posted here an inspiration board for a wedding with an Old Hollywood theme. It was actually created to help me design a wedding cord ordered by a fabulous B2B. The bride inspired me to create a wedding cord which will match this exquisite and very elegant theme. It was a challenge to me as the theme is full of intricate, elegant details but I stand by PDW’s mission of creating a unique cord for every client-bride.

Without further ado, here are some of the photos of the cord that I churned to match this theme:

{The customized centerpiece was created with a bit of everything (fabulous, I must add)-- authentic jade flower, lace, feathers, crystal beads and metal findings}

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Colors: Light Blue and Purple

Light blue and purple is one of my favorite color combinations especially for weddings. Purple represents mystery, dignity, creativity, royalty and wisdom. Light Blue signifies truth, loyalty, trust and sincerity. When these two colors are combined, you’ll get a rich yet fun palette. Together, these colors can create a feeling of romance and tranquility.

{Light blue and Purple Inspiration board (Note: Random photo snippets by Ms. Cecil, one of my clients, posted with her consent).}



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