Thursday, August 18, 2011

Neil & Jean’s Black and Pink Wedding Monogram

It’s always nice to know that grooms take (serious) part on wedding preparation and planning. Neil is one of them. He contacted me through our project hub to order a couple of wedding accessories. I’m amaze how detail oriented and how involved he is, given the fact that he is from outside the country.

Neil and Jean have a fabulous wedding theme – an Award’s Night special with glitz and glamour on the side. They are going to use hot pink and shades of pink with black for contrast. It’s going to be a bold wedding. To get the feel of their wedding, I have created two monograms for them. Here they are:
{Wedding monograms for Neil and Jean}

Can you tell which of these cuties did Neil and Jean selected? See more of our past and present works by visiting our project hubs in Facebook or Multiply. Do enjoy your preps because it’ll be one of the wonderful experiences that you’ll be telling your kids about someday. *wink


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