Saturday, August 6, 2011

Old Hollywood Wedding Cord

Not so long ago, I posted here an inspiration board for a wedding with an Old Hollywood theme. It was actually created to help me design a wedding cord ordered by a fabulous B2B. The bride inspired me to create a wedding cord which will match this exquisite and very elegant theme. It was a challenge to me as the theme is full of intricate, elegant details but I stand by PDW’s mission of creating a unique cord for every client-bride.

Without further ado, here are some of the photos of the cord that I churned to match this theme:

{The customized centerpiece was created with a bit of everything (fabulous, I must add)-- authentic jade flower, lace, feathers, crystal beads and metal findings}

{I added a glam crucifix to put everything together}

{An Old Hollywood-themed wedding cord for Ms. Gayz and her H2B}

There you go. Another one-of-a-kind wedding cord for our happy client. I was so ecstatic when I received this email from her :

{Thank you so much, Ms. Gayz!:)}

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