Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

PDW Announcement


Due to high volume of orders, we can no longer accept orders (both new and modification/upgrade) for November 2012-January 2013. We want to concentrate on creating unique and priceless wedding cords and accessories for our clients who have already made their reservations. We will entertain/respond to inquiries about new orders on January 2013. 

Pls be guided accordingly. Thank you for your overwhelming support, trust and appreciation. ♥


Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcoming Myself to BlogLovin!

Forgive me if you stumbled upon this post. I am just trying to add my blog on BlogLovin. While you're at it, Follow my blog with Bloglovin :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nontraditional Wedding Cake Toppers


The tradition of incorporating cake toppers started in the 1950’s to symbolize the newly wed’s togetherness but they briefly took a back seat and give way to fresh flowers to top the wedding cake. Although fresh flowers are popular, cake toppers are making a comeback albeit made from nontraditional materials. More and more couples choose to use unique cake toppers to make their wedding cake a bit more memorable.

Traditional cake toppers are that of a bride and groom figurines standing together dressed in wedding attire but today, thanks to the modern approach, we can find various kinds of unique toppers made of several nontraditional materials.  These toppers can represent a couple’s personality, interests, hobbies and wedding style. Below are some of my favorite unique cake topper ideas.

{Cake toppers made of clay or fondant are popular nowadays. Add some faux crystals and real textile to your couple figurine to amp it a bit.}

Monday, August 6, 2012

August Inspiration Board: Embracing The Rain on Your Wedding Day


The thought of rain on your wedding day (especially for the months of June to October) would make many brides wince but rainy season doesn't have to be gloomy and grey. We can totally embrace the rain by choosing bright color motif and incorporate trendy and cute accessories to make it stylish and fun for your photos that will turn negative vibes into positive. 

{August Inspiration Board: Embracing the Rainy Season}

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Fit and Flare Wedding Gown


There are numerous types of wedding gowns a bride can choose from but the fit and flare style is my favorite for a number of reasons. It's dainty, romantic, modern, elegant and sexy all at the same time. Other than the love and attention that I received, it made me feel so radiant and beautiful on our wedding day.

{Photo ops: Me and my wedding gown. More photos here.}

This type of gown is tight in the upper area (usually sleeveless) and flared at the skirt (usually embellished with ruffles, drapes, pleats, frills, beads, embroidery and other unique embellishments). We can find these styles in a wide variety of designs, colors, lengths and fabrics. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Louise and Edison: Nature-inspired Green Wedding Cord


Louise requested a custom-made wedding cord that will clearly exude the whimsical part of nature – their wedding theme. As our wedding theme was nature-inspired, my heart was filled with joy and excitement when I was designing the cord for Louise. Here’s the unique wedding cord that I created for them:

 {The store was filled with rainbows as soon as I found the perfect pendant and centerpiece for the cord}

{The cord is made of glass and crystal beads in different shades of green.}

{I used golden leaves trinkets to give the cord a rich, elegant finish.}

 {The unique wedding cord specially made for Louise and Edison.}

{The bride's feedback... Thank you :)}

To view the rest of photos as well as our past and present projects, you may visit our project hubs in Facebook and Multiply. Happy preps, everyone!


Monday, July 9, 2012

July Inspiration Board: 4th of July Wedding Theme

If your wedding theme is inspired by the 4th of July celebration, here’s some festive, bright, and fabulously patriotic inspiration.

This theme is essentially characterized by red, blue and white motif with some (if not all) of these elements – red and/or blue entourage dresses and suits; red and white flowers, stripe and star ribbons, stationeries and banners; confetti and balloons (after the ceremony); and fireworks (to end the celebration with a bang). As part of the reception/cocktail hour, you may also serve various mini versions of all-American favorite foods such as hotdog in a bun and toast with peanut butter and jelly. Here’s an inspiration board that I created from a random Google search result:

 {Red, White and Blue: 4th of July Inspiration Board}

Here's hoping that your wedding will be as festive as your wedding theme. Happy preps!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in this post. If you're the owner or know someone who owns any of the photos in this post, please notify me for proper credit. Thank you. :)


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rona Lou and John: A Purple Wedding Cord


As one of the most popular wedding colors, Purple has always been regarded to symbolize dignity, tolerance and togetherness. It is also associated with royalty and spirituality, which is evident to the wedding cord that I created for Rona Lou and John.  The cord is made of crystal beads with silver trinkets to match the couple’s traditionally elegant wedding theme.

  {The freestyle wedding cord that I created for Rona Lou and John. It is made of different shades of purple crystal beads, crucifix (pendant), heart (centerpiece) and silver trinkets.}

{The bride's feedback}

To view PDW's past and present projects, you may visit our project hubs in facebook and multiply. Happy preps! 


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Irene and Rene: A Red, Baby Pink and Gold Wedding Cord

Get ready for a dash of inspiration. :)

Red and baby pink are two of the most feminine colors. Add gold in the palette and you’ll get an elegant combination. Following this motif, I created a cord made of red glass beads, baby pink crystal beads and gold trinkets. To further personalize the cord, I have added the couple's favorite photo taken during their engagement session. Here’s the unique wedding cord that I customized for them:

 {Personalized and unique! The couple's favorite photo as the cord's centerpiece.}

  {The cord's pendant: A cross with red and pink enamel.}

{The cord's main features: Photo centerpiece and cross pendant}

To view the rest of this cord's photos and our past and present projects, you may visit our project hubs in facebook and multiply. Happy preps, everyone!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

June Inspiration Board: Vintage Travel Wedding

Travel-themed wedding with a vintage twist is one of the most popular wedding themes especially if the couple loves to travel or when travelling made an all important part of their respective love stories. Although it’s fun and cute to conceptualize, vintage travel is one of the most detail-oriented wedding themes to host. If you’re hosting a wedding with this theme, do not forget to infuse popular bits and pieces related to travel and vintage such as airplane, vintage car, passport, postcard, luggage, maps, globe, stamps, vintage font, gowns with simple silhouette, fascinators, chinaware, vintage camera,  and vintage furniture just to name a few. Here’s an inspiration board that I have created from a handful of photos I gathered from a random Google search results:

{June wedding inspiration board: Travel-themed wedding with a vintage twist}

Project Dream Wedding has created a few wedding cords and candle sets inspired from travel and vintage themes. Some of which will be featured in this blog, real soon! :) You can view our past and present projects by going to our project hubs in facebook and multiply. Happy preps, everyone! :)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mhel ♥ Chris: Yellow Wedding Cord

Yellow is one of the most popular wedding colors only because it’s cheerful, optimistic and can easily brighten your day. With this color (and a dash of inspiration and creativity), it’s easy to create a jovial wedding cord such as this cord made of pearls and glass beads with gold trinkets:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mia & Aris: Celadon Green and Turquoise Blue Victorian Wedding Cord and Unity Candle Set

Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William sparked the Victorian trend with her lacy sleeves, classic long veil and traditional yet modern bridal gown. This royal wedding inspired brides all over the world to stage their own unique, elegant and extravagant wedding.

A Victorian wedding is all about class, grace and refined romantic atmosphere of an exquisite nature – most notably, elegant lace, dainty damask, and passionate roses.

Knowing all these facts, creating the wedding cord that will bind Mia and Aris and the candles that will light their path is as surreal as it can be. I want to make a cord and unity candle set that will blend well with their wedding theme yet memorable and unique. Here’s what I produced:

 The Wedding Cord

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Charisse and Irvin's DIY E-session-inspired Wedding Cord and Candle Set

Like most modern brides, Charisse is very much attached to every bits and pieces of their wedding details. Together with her beau, Irvin, and with the help of some friends and relatives, she painstakingly personalized her bridal bouquet, the awe-inspiring corsages and bouquets for her female entourage as well as the boutonnieres for groomsmen (all of which are made of recycled fabric, lace, buttons, caps and felt cloth) just to name a few. To top it all, Charisse and Irvin held their engagement sessions by themselves – Do-It-Yourself (DIY) style! Cool, isn't it? The bride’s website translates the couple's love for each other and their passion for (vintage and retro) photography and their wedding. Their DIY e-session photos were featured in a number of websites abroad and we're very grateful that Charisse gave us the permission to publish some of these works of love. See for yourselves how amazing these photos are:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Freebies: PDW honors W@W Tag Holders

Are you a W@Wie who owns a pair of fab W@W Tags from WeddingsAtWork?

 {Our own W@W Tags from WeddingsAtWork}

Good news! As our way of giving back to one of the communities, which became our shelter during our wedding preps, Project Dream Wedding (Handmade Wedding Accessories) offers freebies exclusively for W@W Tag holders. Just let us know that you have these cards upon submitting your order form and we will advise you if you qualify for the freebies. W@Wies rock!!! ♥


Friday, April 20, 2012

PDW Goes Green with PDW Eco-bags

Project Dream Wedding is celebrating our first year anniversary! How cool is that? :)

In line with this, we are giving out reusable eco-friendly bags for free together with your orders of wedding cord + candle set* package or other bulk orders. These muted brown and fashionable fuchsia pink reusable eco-bags are made of non-woven cloth materials, perfect for use not only during the wedding to carry your other essentials but after your Big day as well. Be it at the grocery store, shopping mall or the beach.
{PDW Eco-bags in muted brown and fuchsia pink}

{Free PDW Eco-bags with your orders of wedding cord + Candle Set}

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cathy and Jay-Ar: Purple and Gold Wedding Cord and Candle Set

Purple is one of the most popular wedding colors of the 20th century. When combined with gold, these two exudes luxury, royalty, wealth and romance. To further enhance this combination, Ms. Cathy and Jay-Ar will be hosting a vintage-themed wedding. Here are the unique ceremony accessories that I created especially for them to match their theme and motif:

{Their wedding cord is made of purple and gold crystal beads with matte gold trinkets and vintage brooch and pendant.}

Thursday, January 5, 2012

W@W Podcast: W@Wies Turned Suppliers

Listen as we, Project Dream Wedding, together with Monogram Hub and Graphizar share our humble beginnings, tips, our life as W@Wie and whatnot about our business. Our heartfelt appreciation to Ms. Benz and Sir John of WeddingsatWork for inviting us. More power! (Click this link to visit and listen to the podcast.)

{from L to R: Angelo (ni Eyzel), John & Anna, Eyzel, Joy, Noel, and Ms. Benz}



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