Friday, January 27, 2012

Cathy and Jay-Ar: Purple and Gold Wedding Cord and Candle Set

Purple is one of the most popular wedding colors of the 20th century. When combined with gold, these two exudes luxury, royalty, wealth and romance. To further enhance this combination, Ms. Cathy and Jay-Ar will be hosting a vintage-themed wedding. Here are the unique ceremony accessories that I created especially for them to match their theme and motif:

{Their wedding cord is made of purple and gold crystal beads with matte gold trinkets and vintage brooch and pendant.}

{The main piece of the cord is the pendant, which is an ornate cross with faux crystals.}

{The Unity Candle Set was especially designed with lace, purple and gold ribbons, ornate brooch and trinkets that exudes a vintage feel.}

To view more photos of this project, you may visit our project hubs in facebook and multiply. To end this post, I do have one favor. Please respect our intellectual property rights. Do not copy or reproduce our original concepts and designs. Thank you. ♥



  1. Love this jewellery, cross in gold is stunning.

  2. Inspiring wedding article my bridal jewelry designer likes it too. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful ideas to us. Thanks a lot.



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