Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wedding Checklist: Guestbook

Dear Online Diary,

We finally received our guestbook!

Earlier this month, I learned from sis Grace, a co-W@Wie and co-October 23rd bride, all about Photobook and how easy it is to create your very own photo album using Photobook’s downloadable software (Thank you, sis Grace!).

{Fresh from the box: Our semi-DIY Guest Book from Photobook}

As a frustrated graphic artist, I always wanted to try designing photo album layouts. After carefully reading the tips and tricks from the Photobook website, I downloaded their free authoring software and busied myself into creating my “masterpiece”.

With H2B’s approval (and praises), I ordered our photo book. After only four days, we received an email from Photobook informing us that our album has been shipped. True enough, we received the album the following day. I was so excited while opening the package. It’s unbelievably vibrant, crisp and beautiful. Here are some pages of our guestbook:

{Random Pages of our Guestbook}

If you want to create something like this, have a go by visiting Photobook. They offer 40% discount plus free shipping until the end of August. As for our checklist, Guestbook = checked!



  1. hi, 2011 bride here. i really really enjoy reading your blog. dami ko natutunan... thanks! ;) keep it coming. hehe


  2. love it! :)

    sis..... kapag in the future di ko na talaga makayanan, pwede mo ba akong tulungan sa ganyan!? hahaha! :))

    i appreciate Art.... but Art doesn't appreciate me! lol ;P

    happy preps! GOD bless!

  3. @ budtz
    -- thank you for reading my blog. am glad you find my blog helpful. happy planning! :))

    @ mauee - w@wie
    -- sis mau, sureness! need lang natin ng inspiration :))



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