Thursday, June 21, 2012

June Inspiration Board: Vintage Travel Wedding

Travel-themed wedding with a vintage twist is one of the most popular wedding themes especially if the couple loves to travel or when travelling made an all important part of their respective love stories. Although it’s fun and cute to conceptualize, vintage travel is one of the most detail-oriented wedding themes to host. If you’re hosting a wedding with this theme, do not forget to infuse popular bits and pieces related to travel and vintage such as airplane, vintage car, passport, postcard, luggage, maps, globe, stamps, vintage font, gowns with simple silhouette, fascinators, chinaware, vintage camera,  and vintage furniture just to name a few. Here’s an inspiration board that I have created from a handful of photos I gathered from a random Google search results:

{June wedding inspiration board: Travel-themed wedding with a vintage twist}

Project Dream Wedding has created a few wedding cords and candle sets inspired from travel and vintage themes. Some of which will be featured in this blog, real soon! :) You can view our past and present projects by going to our project hubs in facebook and multiply. Happy preps, everyone! :)


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