Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nontraditional Wedding Cake Toppers

The tradition of incorporating cake toppers started in the 1950’s to symbolize the newly wed’s togetherness but they briefly took a back seat and give way to fresh flowers to top the wedding cake. Although fresh flowers are popular, cake toppers are making a comeback albeit made from nontraditional materials. More and more couples choose to use unique cake toppers to make their wedding cake a bit more memorable.

Traditional cake toppers are that of a bride and groom figurines standing together dressed in wedding attire but today, thanks to the modern approach, we can find various kinds of unique toppers made of several nontraditional materials.  These toppers can represent a couple’s personality, interests, hobbies and wedding style. Below are some of my favorite unique cake topper ideas.

{Cake toppers made of clay or fondant are popular nowadays. Add some faux crystals and real textile to your couple figurine to amp it a bit.}

 {Can't go as far as the traditional bride and groom figurines? Incorporate a toy vehicle, like this motorbike, with the couple figurines to perfectly represent you as a couple.}

 {Crazy for Sanrio's Hello Kitty? Show everyone that you adore this character by putting them up on top of your wedding cake.}

 {DIY queen? You can make your own cake topper by making flush toys to represent you and your H2B.}

{Cake toppers made of wood are a perfect way to show your nationality, life status or wedding theme.}

 {These unique cake toppers are for love birds. Enough said.}

 {Go all out. Have a personalized mini-you-version cake topper. They are crafted by copying your face and main features.}

From classy elegant silhouettes to nontraditional toppers incorporating your wedding style and personal preference, I hope that you have found the perfect inspirational piece to top your delightful wedding cake. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in this post. If you're the owner or know someone who owns any of the photos in this post, please notify me for proper credit. Thank you. :)


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