Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Wedding Theme

Dear Online Diary,

The long wait is over. After going through some intricate details, debate and sleepless nights, H2B and I were able to finalize our wedding theme. Mind you, it’s FINAL and it’s going to be

{Inspiration Board: camera, my "it" shoes, prep dress, bouquet, wedding cake, accessories & elements of nature}

Photographs. DSLR camera. Horizon. Sunset. Clouds. Plants. Trees. Butterflies. Insects. Flowers. Green meadow. Landscape. Ocean. People. Elegance. Beauty. Celebrate. Live. Laugh. Love. Happiness. Forever.

It all fits. It’s all memorable. It’s all US.

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Our Motif: The Elegance of Nature

1. Inspiration board created on polyvore.com (the best!)
2. I'm so excited to work around our theme. Until next time, happy preps! =)

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  1. hi sis! thanks for linking me up. i followed u too hope u can do the same. :) btw, how did u make yung widget/avatar mo sa link me up and how did u get the codes? i want to do the same in my site. will be linking u! i love ur blog really. sana i can feature ur wedding and prenup too like sa ibang sisters.

  2. switsexything,

    hi sis. thanks for dropping by. i myself is an avid reader of your blog. pls check your email for the instruction about the link me up avatar. more power! =)

    - eyzel

  3. Hello Eyzel! So excited for you. Nice theme. Dapat may photo booth. hahahaha

  4. "vanity said...
    Hello Eyzel! So excited for you. Nice theme. Dapat may photo booth. hahahaha"

    hi vanity,
    believe it or not, we're currently hunting for a photo booth supplier. =)



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