Wednesday, September 2, 2009

H2B’s Surprise Birthday Bash

Dear Online Diary,

It was H2B’s 27th birthday last Sunday, 30th of August, and a day after MJ’s birthday. Although it’s a very special day for him, he wanted to keep it simple. His plan was to surprise his family with food-ala-fiesta when we got back home from the mall. He did not have any idea that we, together with his brother, think otherwise.

As promised, I'd like to share what happened on that blessed and most special day. Here was the plan:
1. Send a message the night before to his brother to finalize the plan.
2. Ask H2B to pick me up at around 9:00 am so we can attend the Sunday mass.
3. "Drag" him to SM Southmall to have the winning Bride-Groom logos printed with extra shopping to kill time. (Side note: I had to use the word "drag" because H2B did not want to go to the mall. It was the weekend sale so the traffic was horrible and the crowd was unmanageable.)
4. Secretly send text messages to his brother to get an update as to what was happening at home.
5. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

I commend his brother for being resourceful. He was able to execute our plan perfectly. From the pizza-turned cake to the way they surprised him as soon as we arrived.

{H2B just before he blow the candle}

We're both thankful to God because we enjoyed the day and we love how it turned out. =)

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  1. Tthe pizza-cake is such a nice idea. Happy birthday.

  2. thanks guys...

    however, it seems that h2b doesnt read my blog anymore.. dedma lang sya sa post na to.. *tampo



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