Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fascinated with Bridal Fascinators

Dear Online Diary,

Yes, indeed. I'm fascinated with it. My passion for fascinators came way back in April when I started to rummage around the net for wedding inspiration. By the term itself, it can add glamor to the already spellbinding
beautiful bride on her wedding day.

Bridal fascinators come in a variety of materials, designs and color. Trendy styles are the traditional face veils made with mini top hat and exquisitely designed floral details but simple fascinators made with flower, feather, crystal, silk flower, or sinamay together with sequins and pearl decorations are slowly making its mark. The following are just some of the gazillion fascinators around the web from passionate brides and entrepreneurs:

{Lovely Fascinators from the following sites: WeddingFascinator, Shellysheek and Twigs&Honey on Etsy}

Although it’s more popular to brides with vintage wedding theme, I still would like to get one for myself and my girls. As always, I’ll keep you posted. =)

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  1. Nice find. I'd like to get one, too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I agree that fascinator is not only limited to vintage-themed wedding. I wonder if it's easy to make...

  3. I thought I'd leave my first comment. I became a fan of your blog since I've read the story about your honeymoon destination. Kudos for creating such a great blog. I'm craving for more. Thanks for sharing your wedding preparation stories.



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