Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prep Props:

Dear Online Diary,

I've discovered another treasure which can significantly help us, radiant B2Bs, in planning our own wedding. Here are the benefits I have experience while utilizing

It’s free.
No subscription needed. You’ll just have to sign-up, create your very own inner bride and you’re ready to take the time of your life. Here, take a look at my inner bride:

{Wedding avatar created on}

It’s user-friendly.
The topics are outlined on the left column while the main tools are at the top of the page. It’s very organize yet simple to use.

Experience is the best teacher.
The website features real life weddings and engagements of its members. I’ve learn a lot of DIY projects, themes and techniques from these brides to make my own wedding preps an experience to remember.

It’s complete, if not perfect.
Let’s see: it has planning tools such as wedding checklist, wedding budgeter, guest list, website and ticker. We can search for inspiration from the endless list of wedding photos, flowers, reception, vows, cakes, invitations, songs, favors, bridal gown, groom’s suit, entourage dresses and suits, wedding rings… and I can go on forever.

It’s promising.
It promises to guide us from step one all the way to the very minute when we are ready to walk down the aisle to our honeymoon. Sweet.

This is really great and I’m having a blast. The only down side is that it's US-based so the registries and wedding suppliers are, needless to say, from the US. Nevertheless, it's still a great tool. Happy preps! =)

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