Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Motif: The Elegance of Nature

Dear Online Diary,

Selecting the color combination for our wedding is a walk in the park. Nature is our wedding inspiration, hence combination of blue, green and yellow are our hands down choices. Blue represents the sky above us, Green represents the plants, trees and flowers and Yellow represents the sun.

Aside from that, online resources gave meaning to these wonderful colors. Let’s take a look of what these colors symbolize:

Blue symbolizes youth, spirituality, truth and peace.
Green symbolizes life, nature, fertility and well being.
Yellow symbolizes happiness, prosperity, wisdom & intellectual energy.

But we do not want to settle with primary colors so we decided to play with these shades. It took us six months before the final color motif was selected. The final choices are:

Teal (#008080) is for elegance. This is our primary color.

100 Euro Green (#86C67C) is a shade so cool that I never thought it exists. This is our secondary color.

Gold (#8B7500) is perfect for detail and contrast. This is the minor color.

Overall styling: Teal and Gold damask.

I’m so in love with teal and gold damask. It spells nothing but elegance. Surely, this is going to be the backdrop for invites as well as church and reception details and programs.

The inspiration board is currently on the works but here’s a sneak peak of what’s to expect:

Next will be the story behind our wedding theme and the final inspiration board. I can’t wait to share it.

{Inspiration board created on Polyvore website}
{Sources:Meaning of Color, Color Hex}

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  1. hi sis eyzel,

    how did you make the inspiration board? i like it, too.


  2. Eyzel,

    This is sooo nice. Great selection too =)

    Thanks Sis for the Info, will try polyvore too =)

  3. sis anne,

    hi sis! thanks for dropping by. did it on .it has pre-made pictures from clothes to backgrounds. it's like the program the US series stylista used. galing. it's user friendly so sis go ahead and try it =)

    - eyzel

  4. hi sis jaki,

    yes sis nice, noh? got to practice more so it'll look like those we see sa fashion magazine. hehe

    can't wait to see your labor or love. =)

    - eyzel

  5. Can you tell me where you got the teal and damask paper? And the shoes??? Happy wedding planning!



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