Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding Preps Mayhem

Dear Online Diary,

"Hold IT!"

That’s what I keep on hearing at the back of my head and it goes on for-e-ver. It seems that I cannot stop it even when I want to.

Someone asked me, “At what stage of wedding preps ka na?” then I stared straight into that someone’s eyes. I tried to say “We’re good!” or “We’re on the right track!” but I can’t utter a single word. As much as I want to extract some ideas deep into my head, I can't. Something's bothering me. I just don't know what it is.

Ours is a pretty long engagement. We have to move the wedding celebration to a later date for a number of reasons, which in a way, helps us in preparing ourselves toward the married life.

How are we doing so far? Here. Let’s take a look at what we have accomplished as of today.

Church: Bamboo Organ Church
Booked on February 2009
Notable Notes: H2B and I love this church so much. This church witnessed some important events in my life while H2B adore it ever since we attended a beautiful Holiday Mass back in 2004. These are some of the reasons why this church is very dear to us.

Wedding Bands: Golden Hills Jewelry
Booked on February 2009
Notable Notes: Three months after the proposal, this is the second major supplier that we booked. We found them at the first bridal fair that we attended. Of all the ring suppliers, they caught our attention with their wide selection of fine jewelry, good customer service and flexible payment terms.

Photo/Video: Photoline
Booked on May 2009
Notable Notes: I was surprised when H2B booked them without my knowledge. At first, I was hesitant to get them because they are unknown to W@W community, perhaps to the rest of the wedding industry. They are best known for photo business and you probably seen their stalls in major malls. Why Photoline? I’ve realized what H2B has been telling me. Photoline has great upcoming photographers that maybe unknown now but will surely grow on their field. We should take advantage on that. A plus factor is the customized affordable package they offered to H2B which includes an 8R photo album (magazine type, hard bound) with 20 glossy pages, unlimited digital shots with DVD copy as proof, 45-mins MTV style video, a GC worth P500.00, 2 photographers, 2 videographers and 1 lightsman. It’s a good deal considering that the average cost of this package from other suppliers is around P40,000.00 to P50,000.00. Another advantage that is worth mentioning is just in case we decided to get a senior photographer or videographer, we can still keep them as back-up photographers and videographer.

Caterer: Lady Leigh Catering Services
Booked on May 2009
Notable Notes: Lady Leigh is another supplier that is unknown to W@Wies. They were referred to us by an officemate. The story of how we discovered this caterer and our food tasting adventure with them can be read here. My major concern about them is that I’ve read some negative feedbacks about their service and food. I brought this up with Ms. Emie, our AE, and she was able to explain to me the truth behind it. Does “crab mentality” sound familiar? Yes, at least on this business. Despite all this, I trust them. That’s what we need to do at this point. TRUST that they are going to deliver and exceed our expectations.

That’s what we have so far. Don't get me wrong. I'm proud of our accomplishments. The big question that needs a huge answer is --- WHAT'S NEXT?

This is where the problem starts. I suddenly feel that we’re on a huge maze. It’s either we started too soon or we come up with SO MANY ideas that we (more specifically, I) do not know where to start. Imagine this. The original plan is to have a simple wedding – the simplest wedding there could be. But now we (again, more specifically, I) forgot all about it. I listed down all our wedding plans and projects. As expected, the nice-to-have items overpowered the must-haves.

It's only now that I've realized how we badly need a major revamp, ASAP, before I end up like this...

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  1. hi sis. i know how you feel. just pray to God. challenge lang po yan para ma-enjoy mo ang wedding preps. cheer up sis! sige ka, kamukha mo na yung nasa picture.

    cheer up na sis. :)


  2. hi sis,

    sayang, you forgot to include your name. thanks for the encouragement. yes sis, ayoko rin maging kamukha yung nasa pic. =D




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