Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bridal Fair Escapade: Weddings & Beyond’s A Walk to Remember

Dear Online Diary,

It’s bridal fair sharing once again. H2B and I was at the NBC Tent, The Fort, Taguig yesterday to attend the Walk to Remember bridal fair staged by Weddings & Beyond magazine.

To start it with, we stopped by the Golden Hills booth not to see their wedding rings but to make a partial payment. I have noted here that we found the “it” rings from their booth at the Wedding Congress. The ever bubbly Ms. Jenny assisted us, of course.

We walked from one booth to another to see what the suppliers can offer. We have no intention to book suppliers just yet but a little research will go a long way. I must say that we had a hard time seeing the products as the venue is not big enough to accommodate around 30 suppliers and their props plus the couples who came to visit the fair. Sad to say, it’s more like an indoor market than an elegant fair. We had to pass by each booth and rely to the pamphlets to understand what they offer. We stopped by some suppliers who we would like to get, like Leggiero Strings, Shutterbox and a cake supplier (I can’t even remember the name. I love their cake designs, though) to ask a couple of questions. I promise to get them once we made up our minds. We became fans of Leggiero when we heard them play at the previous bridal fair. Their music is great and they do not have additional charge or special rate in Las Pinas. Speaking of which, I cannot understand why most suppliers from Quezon City charge additional fee/OOT in Las Pinas when it’s clearly within Metro Manila. Their reason is because it’s near Cavite/Laguna. *sigh

Moving on, I like the package of one of the P/V suppliers we met at the fair. It’s not too expensive, it’s complete and they offer lots of freebies. I wanted to talk to H2b about it because the sample photo albums are great but it’s a bummer, we already got a P/V supplier. I’ll still try and see what he has to say.

{Sample pics from Photobooth, free latest issue of Weddings & Beyond Magazine, Exhibitors' Directory & WB purple bag}

The bridal fair is a two-day event but we have no plans of going back today. We enjoyed the ride going to Taguig but it’s just too far from us. The supplier line up is great but they have the same offer we could get from the next bridal fair. Unfortunately, we did not get to meet new suppliers, which is kind of what we were hoping for.

Incidentally, yesterday was our chance to celebrate our anniversary. I’ll keep you posted for the story. Anyway, it’s simple and not fancy yet special.

I’ll end the story here, until the next bridal fair side story. Happy preps, y’all! =)

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