Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wedding Checklist: The "It" Rings

Dear Online Diary,

Finding the right wedding ring was not an easy task for H2b and me. We want a ring that will last forever as it’s the only remembrance we could carry for the rest of our married life. It’s the symbol of our love and promise to each other. It’s the symbol of fidelity. It’s more than just a fit. It’s not just another piece of jewelry as it will not often leave our finger. Hence, the quality of the material is of utmost importance. It was a good thing that we chose the right supplier who patiently guide us and answered all our queries in almost every bridal fair that we attended.

More and more wedding ring suppliers today offer customized wedding rings to suit the needs of every couple. Having an extensive choice of styles and designs is just overwhelming so it took us six bridal fairs to find which suits both of us the best.

As soon as we saw the pair of rings, we both feel the “This is it!” feeling that B2Bs feel when they have found the right bridal gown for them and I know that W@Wies can relate on this matter. The pair may not be one of our initial choices as what I have posted on my previous post and I cannot stress how hard it was but I’m glad that we have found the "it" rings. Here's the pair:

Each ring has a .14 karat vs1 eye color diamond, channeled, flat finished, 14k italian white gold in matte finished with smooth lining. This is just a sample pair from Golden Hills. Our actual rings will be like this except that the lining is in yellow gold.

The good thing about this is that it has lifetime warranty which includes free cleaning, engraving, resizing and a cute arrhae.

What a great way to end this entry is to share five helpful tips in choosing one's wedding ring that we learned from a seminar that we attended:

Consider your lifestyle in terms of work and sports. Bear in mind that you’re going to wear the ring every single day for the rest of your life after you say “I do”.

What is your personality? Is it simple, artistic or elegant? You can definitely find a ring that will match your personality to a “T”.

Think about the comfort you can embrace and match it with the width of the ring.

Matching design is a personal preference. Couples need not to get matching rings these days. Some couples, if not all, prefer to get a pair of ring wherein the bride’s diamond ring matches her engagement ring while the groom prefer to skip the stones.

Will you consider it as part of the wedding cost or more of an investment? Remember that wedding rings are made of gold, platinum or carbide, which are precious metals.

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  1. hi sissy!

    congratulations for finally getting your wedding ring.
    happy prepsssss!!!

  2. hi sis!

    thanks for your comment. hope to see your wedding preps update too!

    - eyz



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