Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OT: Why Blog?

Dear Online Diary,

After 38 posts, a question hit me. Why do I need to blog?

Blogging is not really my thing. I’d rather sleep than sit in front of my laptop and rummage my brain with things I dare to say about something. As much as possible, I’ll choose the simplest way of life. That is, to be alone with my thoughts.

But everything changed when H2B and I started our wedding preps. I cannot contain my excitement everytime I get to encounter new wedding trends online or read about real weddings from a magazine. I need to talk and ask all-the-time. Trust me. I just cannot stop. This is my initial concern because I know the fact that I cannot talk to my friends all day about our wedding details, unless I want to hear “Will you shut up!” or “Can’t you move on?” from them. So I need to find another outlet.

That’s when blogging came upon me like a blessing from heaven. Mind you, I’m no writer. I’m not even good at composing a story. You may find grammatical errors here and there but that’s fine. It’s not so much of a big deal. What’s important for me is that I was able to express what I need to express.

Here comes the question again, why blog? The simplest and direct answer is because I made this to be my outlet. It’s like having a virtual friend who will always listen with no questions ask be it about my excitement over a prize I’ve won or a supplier that we have booked, maybe about our trip to a recently concluded bridal fair or even when I’m ranting about our wedding preps. It’s like a gigantic ear when I need someone to listen, the sweetest smile when I need someone to say that I’ve done a good job, the softest pillow when I’m distress and the biggest heart when I need to feel loved.


Yeah, I know. It’s me being cheesy, but the thought of being able to reach more people outside my radar just by reading this blog and learning from it is an accomplishment.

How many times does a girl/lady/woman get to experience the wonderful feeling of wedding preparation? Most B2Bs say it’s only once in a lifetime. I agree. I’ll take every opportunity I have to post about anything here because I know that when my H2b and I were seasoned and old, we have this blog to remind us how meaningful our journey to married life is.

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