Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Checklist: Honeymoon

-Dear Online Diary,


It was my initial reaction when I saw this blessing-from-heaven email. Checking my inbox is part of my routine every morning. This particular e-mail caught my attention because I am unfamiliar with the sender. I opened it up and read the content…

“Two days before” (Let’s flash back a little bit, shall we?)

I was desperate to work on our budget. Because I am slowing down with our wedding preps et al, I finally faced the pile of brochures and freebies we got from all the bridal fairs that we attended. They’re all in one box waiting for me for almost three months now. Then I saw this elegant white envelop. It hit me. It was the gift certificate we won from Martha Stewart Bridal Fair, which is the first bridal fair that we attended. The voucher entitles us to 4 days/3 nights stay with breakfast for two in one of the premier rooms at the Ocean Wing of Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. It is valid until March 31, 2010, which is only fitting as our wedding was scheduled on March 2010 at that time. We then planned to go there, spend our honeymoon and experience their so-called paradise resort.

After the decision to move our wedding date, this is one of the concerns that H2B and I talked over 2 cold Starbucks strawberry cream shakes. What now? H2B, being the thinker that he is, suggested that we can still push through with the plan and let it be the venue of our pre-nuptial pictorial. We might as well use the nature’s beauty which is perfect for our theme.

For many months, that’s the plan -- the ONLY plan. Until I read the old W@W entries about requesting an extension of suppliers’ GC validity and making sure that you let them know that you are going to use it. I have to quote Ms. Benz when she said, “Suppliers may forgot that they offered that discount. Let them know as soon as you can that you have plans of using it. If you won a GC that will expire before your actual day, you may request for an extension. Malay mo, they like you so much that they can extend it for you.”

This inspired me and gave me the courage of composing an email to Mr. Timothy Wright, Shangri-La’s General Manager. With H2B’s go signal, I told them our story and the reasons why we have to move our wedding including our intention to visit the place and such. In a heart beat, I’m done. I hit the send button with prayers that they will find some time to read my humble email.

“Today, around 9:00 AM”

As I was saying, the e-mail caught my attention. The e-mail came from Ms. Joibi, secretary of Shangri-La’s GM. With my heart beating so fast, I opened the e-mail and read it. True enough, when it’s for you, nothing is impossible. I chose not to rephrase her sentence (while editing the part where our wedding date should be), “As per your request, we are pleased to extend the gift certificate validity up until (the end of our wedding month).”

O.M.G., right? I still cannot believe it. I wasted no time in calling H2B to deliver the great news even when I knew that he’s at work.*wink. It's worth it. H2B is as static as I am. Who could have thought that an email can also be a blessing? We do and here's something that we will be looking forward here after...

{ the famous aerial view of the island }

{ lovely sunset}

{ Ocean Wing premier room }

{ Relaxing resto bar }
.. and as always, W@W made all this happened. I cannot imagine our wedding preps without W@W. Thank you very much!
X.O.X.O.,Myspace Glowing text


  1. ang saya naman nyan!
    we (mostly me) also want to go there ang ganda kase ng place.

    carla - kaw@wie

  2. The place is beautiful! =)

    I'm sure the extension is really great news, good thing you decided to email them.

  3. sis carla,

    thanks for the comment sis. true sis, super ganda ng place. pwedeng i-treasure. =D

    - eyzel

  4. sis jaki,

    hi sis thanks for the comment. yes po super exciting. buti na lang i came across the old w@w posts of ms. benz about suppliers and extending the validity of their GC. akala ko dati hindi pwede yun pero buti na lang. big big help tlga.

    thanks ulit sis! =D

    - eyzel



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