Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Revamp Phase I

Dear Online Diary,

After I expressed my disappointment with the status of our preps, H2B and I had a little talk. I had him read my blog as well as the comments from w@wies and listened to what he had to say.

We came to an agreement and a couple of resolutions. We agreed to take things slowly and intelligently. We have to be careful when choosing the suppliers and design a workable timeline. We can make the wedding simple with some exceptions. We may consult our friends and family about a certain decision but the final resolution should come from us. Lastly, we should never EVER fret and let stress get the best of us. Just relax, enjoy and count the blessing that comes our way.

This may not be the last stress alert that we are going to encounter during the entire wedding preps. Rather than worry, now I know that I should just charge this to my experience and learn from it THEN find a solution. I have this blog not only to remind me that God is here to guide us but also to let me feel that I’m not alone. There’s my family, H2B and his family, friends and of course, the w@w community. The advices I got from w@wies helped us a lot. Thanks so much especially to Rachel, Diana Grace, Bhey, Christine, Len ni Orj, Pinky, Sai, Blanche, Len ni JR, and Doc Ging Glori for the beautiful advices and support. We owe you one.

Having said all of these, it’s time for me to let it go and move on. I can honestly say that you can expect more cheerful and informative entries after today. Happy preps! =D

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If you are following this blog, you may have noticed the new header. H2B took the initiative and created it just for this blog. Thanks, bhy!

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  1. Hi Sis!

    I like the new look of your blogsite =)

    Good to know you're leaving your worries behind. Time to start anew with the preps. We're on the same boat. Feels good to be a w@wie (though most of the time I'm a lurker =p), it's like having invisible hands helping out =)

    - Jaki

  2. sis jaki,

    thanks so much! the new header is from h2b's creativity. cutie, right? your blog is awesome, too!

    i can only agree that w@wies are very helpful. thanks sisses!

    - eyzel



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