Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Celebrating our Anniversary, Celebrating US!

Dear Online Diary,

Yes, H2B and I have been together for five lovely years (and still counting). It is 60 months of trust, 1,825 days of smile, 43,829.0639 hours of love, 2,629,743.83 minutes of hope, 157,784,630 seconds of patience, and the count can go on forever.

Just like most of us, ours is not a perfect relationship. We fought and had our share of tears but after misery comes acceptance and stronger love and commitment. On our fifth anniversary, we wanted nothing but to celebrate US.

After a looong drive from Las PiƱas to Taguig to attend the scheduled bridal fair, we wasted no time to savor the city which is exactly what we needed. There are buildings under construction but we love the nature friendly ambiance of the place.

You see, we came from two different upbringings. He grew up in Ilocos Sur, where he lived a simple life with his family while I grew up here in the city. Imagine how our acquaintance came about. It was his first trip to Manila when we met. But I’ll hold my horses. I do not want to spoil the things that should be on our wed site. Reading this, you’ll have an idea on how our conversation transpired.

After several sight seeings, we went to Makati. More specifically, along the streets of Ayala and Paseo de Roxas. We love this place. Well, I’m being biased because this is where I work but nonetheless, the place is still serene. A celebration is not complete without a dinner date. We do not want to go to a fancy place of some sort. We wanted to keep it simple and nice. We end up going to North Park Makati Ave branch. It’s not my first visit but it’s h2b’s so I wanted to let him experience the great food North Park can offer. We ordered their best sellers – Sweet & Sour Pork, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Boneless Honey Lemon Chicken and Lechon Macau. Yum!

He responded very well on the food so I bet it will not be our last visit. I’ve been secretly trying to fatten him a bit on time for our wedding next year. *wink

There it goes. It’s a day just for us. No worries. No hassle. It’s just two happy hearts that beat as one. =)

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As for the gifts, I wanted to keep it a secret as of now. It’s too special that I wanted to dedicate another entry for it. =)

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