Friday, April 10, 2009

Wedding Rings Galore

Dear Online Diary,

Last week, we went to Golden Hills Robinson’s Galleria branch to “visit” our babies (read: wedding rings). All three sets are equally gorgeous so up to now, we’re having a hard time in choosing what we like best.

Currently, we both like a two-toned diamond ring. What we have in mind is a white gold ring with yellow gold lining. The ring got to have at least one diamond stone and a maximum of five stones, preferably, princess cut diamond stone. Here are the short-listed rings:

{Ring A}

White Gold rough finish and white gold lining with round-cut diamond stone. If we're going to get this, we will request to customize the ring and change the lining to yellow gold.

{ Ring B}

White gold rough finish and yellow gold lining. What we like about this is that it has a princess cut diamond stone.

{Ring C}

White gold rough finish and yellow gold line in the center with small round cut diamond stone. We like the round finish and it is so light as if you're not wearing a wedding ring.

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  2. @ sagar

    thanks for the wonderful comment and rest assured that i'll do my best to keep this blog updated. happy reading! =D

  3. Hi, for me i'll choose either the last two rings. To reason out why?...
    - the first one looks very solid (a good sign for a long-lasting relationship :)) and the stone is more pronounced because of the base-looked design where it is placed.
    - the third ring has a feel of comfort when wearing (a good sign that you're happy and contended with your partner :)). It has a smooth round finishing in the edges which makes it comfortable.

    For me, it's either of the two but I'll vote for the second one. :)

    Anyway, whichever you chose, you'll never get wrong from the two rings. They're both perfect as a wedding ring.
    Just my thoughts. :)

  4. @ rushjudge
    -- hmm.. i think i know you. ahehe
    thanks for the input. =D

  5. hi former classmate! jen here..:-) nice blog...
    gud that you have ample time to document all your wedding preps. your blog will surely help all other me..:-)
    btw, i'll go for ring # 2... it's my personal choice.. the ring can talk for itself... no need to mention further reasons... 'till then..
    Gudluck!Godbless!Best wishes..

  6. hi jen,

    thanks for dropping by. sorry for the late appreciation, i just saw your comment. nevertheless, thanks for voting. it's our choice as well, until we find these:

    thanks again! hope to talk to you soon. =)

    best wishes for your upcoming wedding!



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