Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who Am I?

My fetish includes wedge shoes, hair fascinators, lip gloss, dark yet colorful nail polish and bags. I like floral dresses. It brings the girly-girl in me but I wear a pair of pants most of the time because I like to be comfortable when I run errands (read: shop). And oh, banana choco crepe is my kind of dessert (yum!) even when I am on a certain diet.

I heart challenges but I'm not a big fan of liar and eyeliner (arrgh, I hate, hate liars the most). I love to have fun yet I want to get my beauty sleep most of the time. I think teal is perfect but there's no chance that I am perfect. I'm only human (just like you).

I can be dramatic but in a good way. I love nature. In fact, my dreamland is a field with lots of flowers and green meadow, trees, blue sky, a bit of rain, rainbow and a good ol' house. Yeah, pretty much like in fairy tales. The fact is, I am a simple girl with a simple dream.

I believe in God. I believe in Karma -- good or bad. I believe in justice and freedom to express your right. I believe that most people can change for the better. It's a choice. I believe in the power of LOVE (pls don't sing this phrase).

I am a Modern Offbeat Bride. My dream wedding involves thinking outside the box and discovering things I never knew I can do. I see our wedding preps as an experiment and a project. I love discovering things.

I'm not too keen about following tradition; I imagine our wedding as short but sweet, and done in my dream church. I like ours to be intimate so my marriage with the man I can't live without and God will be witnessed by few special people who are close to our hearts.

I have a secret dream. Errr... I'm not gonna tell it here.

Wait, did I mention that I'm obsessed with weddings (our wedding in particular)? I know that 10.23.2010 will be a Blessed day -- Fun, romantic and memorable. And yes, our wedding is going to be a marriage between Me, H2B and God.


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