Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Proposal: H2B Popped IT!

Dear Online Diary,

Many are wondering how H2B popped the question. The very essence of why we’re preparing this wonderful wedding.

I’ll do the best that I can to relay what he did, his preparations and whatnot, but first, let me give you a little background on our relationship.

We now know each other for quite some time and we got together on the last quarter of 2004. We were office mates back then, as a matter of fact, he was my Quality Analyst. Because he wanted to pursue his programming career and I wanted to get rid of the old boring job, we decided to shift to another industry – he joined the electronics industry as a programmer/system developer while I joined the call center industry.

What’s great about us is that we hold on to each other through thick and thin. He’s my greatest supporter as much as I am to him especially during the challenges that even attempted to break our relationship.

One night while H2B and I were out in a restaurant to celebrate my birthday, he showed me this gorgeous photo album (he’s a photo hobbyist, by the way). There I saw all the pictures he took, literally, throughout our journey together. Every page of the album contains pictures that were taken on our first trip to Baguio, while we were out on a mall or a theme park, while playing badminton, and while leisurely walking on the historical streets of Vigan. Seeing all those photographs made me remember how important this person means to me. On the last few pages, I saw a statement written just like this: “Bhy, you know I’m trembling...” with some other pictures of us together. On the next page, I read “Will you...”. At that moment from across the table, I saw him holding this small red box and his eyes were full of emotion. He opened the box, lovingly hold my hand and said, “Will you marry me?” He then came to me and put the gorgeous diamond ring around my finger. Teary-eyed, I kissed him and I said the sweetest "Yes" I could mustered.

{The stunning engagement ring}

There it goes. We’re finally seriously taking the next chapter of our lives together...

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  1. hi bhy, i was so busy doing algorithms here but got the chance to wrote it in my mind and fax it here. I hope you'll receive it. What's the number again? :)

    Actually and to be honest, I have a lot of options on how should I ask that question. Renting a moviehouse and then to your surprise, our pictures will be suddenly displayed in the big white screen and then the words, "Bhy, ...?" while your two siblings, Neyko and Eyka are there too. Another one is we're going for a dinner at Vivere building at Alabang, of course this is night time and while we're dining, there's a musucian playing our theme song. :) Another, we'll go to the place where we had our first date where I wrote you a letter on the spot, yes you're right, at Intramuros (I was so happy and inspired that time....until now of course) and then I'll ask you to took me a picture holding an album of ours. Then on in each turn of the page, a message asking this words are displayed. Huh, how I wish I did that craziest thing I thought. But I arrived into a simple one, and that's what you stated here. I was squeezed a lot by time cause I wanted it to be done on your natal day. And so it was, I did it, and luckily, not with the options above. But as it is done, I'm still very happy and hope you are too. I mean everything even from the time I prepared myself to fall in line in the printing shop, to find stuffs at NBS, to layout and write with my sweating hands until I presented it to you. And another ton of happiness embraces me when you said 'YES' that day. Thank you bhy.

  2. hahaha i just reviewed his other ideas on the comment he posted... i can't help but smile. anyone who knew angelo will probably laugh out loud, too. he's not the arts-and-craftsy type of guy. he'd rather make a computer program out of it. but i saw the effort and i really appreciate it more than anything else. thanks bhy! =)



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