Monday, November 16, 2009

Online W@W Christmas Auction 2009

Dear Online Diary,

Christmas is just around the corner. As this is probably the busiest time of the year, Weddings At Work has many activities lined up for W@Wies and wedding suppliers!

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The first of its many activities this year is the Online W@W Christmas Auction where registered W@Wies can bid for an item donated by a certain supplier. The good thing about this is that we can get the items for almost half of its price.

The first waive of the auction ended last night where in I placed my bid with anticipation. I really enjoyed the auction. There’s this one item where nobody places a bid until the last few seconds. It turned out, a lot of us has been waiting and wanting this item.

Someone may ask, what would the item be?

The coveted item (or items because there are two of these) is the bridal gown of Veluz. It costs Php 80,000.00 but some one got it for about Php 57,000.00. What a lucky bride.

I was lucky because I was able to close three items, all of which are vital to our checklist. Yey!

The second waive of the auction will be happening this week. I can’t wait to start bidding. This is why (and a whole lot more) it’s great to be a W@Wie!

Thanks to Ms. Benz and her better half, Mr. John Rana, for organizing this event as well as to the suppliers who donated their products and services.

For the complete list of items on the auction, please click here.
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