Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Salcedo Weekend Market: Quality Time is Discovery Time

Dear Online Diary,

I heart Saturdays! I love that H2B and I got to share precious moments while discovering new things together. This is exactly what happened last weekend.

Let me share this wonderful experience...

After the usual Saturday breakfast, we decided to walk around Makati Central Business District (CBD) for three reasons – the weather is perfect, H2B brought his infamous dSLR camera and it’s a perfect chance to spend some quality time together (Love Languages 101).

Right off the bat, H2B went trigger happy (yet again). The street corners, pretty flowers, towering buildings as well as long and winding roads -- he was able to capture the best of both worlds that only Makati City could offer.

The great thing about our little Saturday escapade is that we discovered Salcedo Park and Weekend Market. Although it’s conveniently located at the heart of Makati CBD, it was the first time we set foot on the park premises -- and by accident. Out of curiosity, we decided to peak and see what the mini park is all about. Quite amazingly, people from all walks of life enjoy the good food and produce as well as the relaxing ambiance of the park. Here are some of the snapshots H2B gladly shares for this blog:

On our way to the park...

The arc way leading to the mini park..

Colorful blooms for our eyes to see...


Crops and produce...

Ofcourse, my shopaholic persona came out once again. With all the great products, I just can’t leave the park without buying something. I’m glad we found these beautiful Hydrangeas for only P150 a piece.

One look and all I can think of is that it can be my bridal bouquet. It’s perfect. Needless to say, I got one for myself. =)

That's how we enjoyed one quality Saturday. We had so much fun so we've planned to do it once again. The only difference is that it's going to be furniture hunting for our new condo unit. Happiness =)

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