Sunday, December 13, 2009

Coffee Date with W@Wies

Dear Online Diary,

Date: December 12, 2009, Friday
Location: Starbucks Podium
Invited: Ms. Benz of Weddings at Work and W@Wies
Requirement: Lots of Humor, camaraderie and wedding preps stories

This is by far the happiest girls’ night out I’ve attended for a while. B2Bs, together with Ms. Benz, made it a night full of laughter, wedding preps stories and sharing. Not only did Ms. Benz shared personal stories from her own wedding, she gladly shared how was it like during the first few months of adjustment to the married life.

We’ve learned a lot of things – from glitches to anticipate to little tricks and tips from the expert. It was so nice to see W@Wie friends Hazel, Kristell, Shiela and Diana Grace as well as gaining new friends. Not only that. Ms. Benz gave us free wedding stuffs from sponsored wedding suppliers. She gave away bridal prep dress, cakes, massage GCs, dinner GCs, prenuptial shoots, wedding coverage, all of which are awesome. As a token, she gave us W@W pouch bag, coin, calendar and primer. Thank you, Ms. Benz. =)

It was indeed more than just a caffeine party, isn’t it? Cheers to all B2Bs!

{W@Wie sisses and Ms. Benz at Starbucks Podium}

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