Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding Checklist: Dessert Bar

Dear Online Diary,

I’m ecstatic to be a W@Wie!

It’s really helpful when you’re in a group where all of the members can relate to one another. It’s even better when a group has activities supported by wedding suppliers.

This is exactly what happened last month when W@W Auction was organized by no less than Ms. Benz Rana, the founder of Weddings At Work. She collated more than 50 supplier products and/or services for the auction, one of which is a Chocolate Fountain dessert bar by Sweet Affair.

Van, the owner, is easy to deal with. After a single acknowledgment email that I won the item, she immediately booked our wedding. I really like suppliers who have internet access because communication is a breeze.

To our guests-to-be, here’s what you can expect on our reception (well, something like this):

Contact Sweet Affair:
34 Nanking St., BF THAI, Las PiƱas City
774.0103; 0917.3472852

Cheers! And oh, it's just four days before Christmas, so Merry Christmas everyone! =)

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