Monday, May 3, 2010

DIY: Bride & Groom Caricature

Dear Online Diary,

Wedding caricatures can add a touch of fun and sparkle in a rather elegant and solemn wedding. Ever since I chance upon seeing pretty bride-groom caricature, I secretly hope to have one for ourselves.

Thank God, H2B is proficient in Photoshop. He’s a full time programmer (a rather time-consuming job) so I understand that he kept me waiting for a little over a month.

The long wait is finally over. Earlier today, he walked in and handed me a flash drive (with a naughty smile, I must add). My heart skipped when I saw the image. It was an answered prayer, it made my day. Here it is:

{DIY Caricature by H2B}

What makes it more special is how he captured the details of our wedding-- yellow roses, turquoise bridal shoes, the wedding gown with beads and see-through accent (not just a plain tube), the turquoise necktie, the background (makes me remember the movie, Enchanted) and our monogram on a tree. :)

It’s pretty and it’s lovely (because I know it was made with a dash of love). Thank you so much, H2B! You made me real proud ^_______^



  1. Very nice. You're both super talented. Congrats!

  2. Hello Eyzel! I know I'm a stranger, but I have to tell you this. You're both ooozing with creativity! I love the details! (saw your work on weheartweddings) Best wishes in advance.. From the looks of it, I know you'll have the wedding of your dreams! :D



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