Saturday, May 22, 2010

Featured Supplier: RTJ Photography

Dear Online Diary,

The best things in life are free.

RTJ Photography is composed of husband and wife team, Russell and Thet. The team is pretty new in the business but just because they are new in the industry, they offer so much passion and dedication in their craft. They want to be known for the quality of their work and not just affordability of their services. Russell is in charge of their clients from U.S.A. while Thet handles Philippine clients.

Don’t you love a couple who shares the same passion? They give love, dedication and joy to their works. Here are some proofs:

{Photos from Engagement Album of RTJ Photography}

I came across their works when several W@Wies posted their FREEnup (free engagement session) done by RTJ photography. It was surreal. It was fun. It was natural. Something in me said that I’d like to get them for our e-session but I didn’t know how. They’ve been announcing free sessions but it did not fit our busy schedules.

Until yesterday, I was browsing through our W@W e-group forum when a certain post caught my attention. A free back-up photography service. I clicked on the link and some W@Wies are raving that they were able to get some of the available slots. I followed the link, which brought me to the blog of RTJ Photography. There are a few slots left so I immediately composed an email message for Ms. Thet. After sending it, I buzzed Ms. Thet on YM to make sure that she got my email. I then received a message from her verifying which email address did I use. Then, after several exchange of messages, she confirmed our date (adding that another bride who's wedding date is same as ours inquired but I'm three minutes ahead of her). Weeee!!!

It was a bliss talking to Ms. Thet over YM. She’s kalog and fun and all. I can’t wait to meet her in few months time...

To you Ms. Thet, Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Big, big cyber HUGZZZ!!! Happiness!!! :))



  1. congrats sis! so happy for you. :)

  2. hey eyzel..thank you so much for this article... don't worry po. pag iigihin ko po ang trabaho di lang sa wedding nyo kung di sa lahat ng mga future clients para di naman po nakakahiya...

    keep in touch po!

  3. from here on,i'll try my very best to answer every comment. thanks everyone for visiting! :))

    @ sis nelly,

    thanks so much. keep in touch :))

    @ ms. thet,
    ay ms. thet, no prob. wala po kaming worry. your works speak for your self. keep up the good work and good deed. thanks once again and ingatz! :))



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