Saturday, May 1, 2010

DIY: Kissing Bells

Dear Online Diary,

Gone are the days when the guests tap their glasses with their silverwares just so the couple would share a wedded kiss during the reception because someone came up with a brilliant idea of creating what we called kissing bells!

I first heard about making personalized kissing bells from my co-W@Wies. It actually feels like a tradition to create one since almost every W@Wie has their own kissing bells. It’s easy and fun to do, plus, you can totally incorporate it with your wedding theme. There’s no rule and what’s good about it is that, the sky is the limit.

W@Wies who shared their kissing bells on our e-group inspired me to create our own kissing bells. The main materials are the bells and the handle. Then, you can accessorize it with anything you want. Here are the materials that I used:

{Materials: 1. Bells; 2. Popsicle sticks; 3. Florets; 4. Ribbon, feathers, artificial leaves}

I got all the materials from Tabora St. in Divilandia during one of our trips in Manila except the Popsicle sticks. My brother has tons of leftover Popsicle sticks from his school project so we thought we could use it for the wedding (the main reason why it's not related to our wedding motif).

There's no step-by-step direction for this project although here's the golden rule:
Stick 'em together and have fun!

{H2B couldn't wait to get a snapshot of the final product so here's a preview of the bells without the accessories.}

I couldn’t decide on the final design (and so was H2B when I asked him what he wanted) so we came up with three designs. We both think this might be good as it breaks the monotony and we didn’t want to limit ourselves with only one design.

{Our Kissing Bells}

Did you notice that it’s missing something?

We decided to break yet another tradition. We won’t be printing out a separate card for the kissing bells (the card, which is usually attached to the bells has something like this in print: Ring this bell if you want us to share a wedded kiss). We decided to include it to our Reception Rules, which is going to be handed to each guest upon entering the venue :)


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  1. Will do this too. Thanks for sharing!



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