Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Proper Wedding Cheer

Dear Online Diary,

Even since announcing to the whole world that I am about to marry the man I couldn’t leave without, people always say “Congratulations! Saya naman.”, or “Wow! Congratulations!”

Although with pure intention, it’s one of the most common mistakes people make when greeting the newly-engaged couple (or the newly weds, for that matter). Why is this a mistake at all? When you greet the bride with a "Congratulations," it is practically the same as to saying, "Hey, Congratulations... you just got yourself a great man!" What we do not realize is that saying “Congrats" implies that someone has caught something or won a prize, and it is rather improper to imply that the bride "caught" the man who married her. So here's the rule: Say "Congratulations" to the groom and "Best Wishes" to the bride.
{The Proper Greeting}

Likewise, saying "Good Luck!" no matter how pure your wishes are will also sound very inappropriate for obvious reasons.

Based from the works of John & Benz Rana, founders of Weddings at Work.


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