Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wedding Cake: The Search is on!

Dear Online Diary,

It's five months to go and the search for the wedding cake is (seriously) on!

We initially want a cupcake tower because we wanted to be practical but we’ll get a 3-layer cake package that’ll go with our wedding theme if the price is right.

Minimalist yet thematic. That's how we like our cake to be. Here are some pegs I found from the wedding cake collection of TheKnot:

{Minimalist and..}

{... Nature-inspired with bride and groom topper}

We’re also working on finalizing our guest list in time for the meet-up and initial detailing with our caterer, Ms. Anj of Ma Del’s, later this month. Oh, boy I’m psyche! :))



  1. If you're looking for a unique and original cupcake tower stand, please visit Thanks!

  2. Hey! W@wie groom here. Ang gaganda ng mga cakes! Up to now wala pa din kami napipili design. Haha. We didn't realize na cake pala isa sa pinakamahirap hanapan ng design.

  3. @ joy,
    thanks for sharing the link. :))

    @ JayZ,
    correct ka jan bro. we thought, carry na yung simpleng design lang pero those eye candy made us want to have a thematic wedding cake. para hindi naman sya out of place. :))

  4. hi ms. techy :) bluefish from TPC.. we're eyeing claycakes for our wedding cakes.. u may check their site, images and feedbacks :)



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