Monday, April 12, 2010

Bridal Fair Escapade: A Day for a Lifetime

Dear Online Diary,

A Day for a Lifetime bridal fair was originally slated October of last year but later canceled because of a very unfortunate event. H2B and I wouldn’t miss something that we’ve been waiting since last year so yesterday, we went to this very stylish event.

{A Day for a Lifetime souvenirs}

The fair aimed to showcase the creativity of the suppliers and spark the imagination of soon-to-weds. The participating suppliers were grouped so they could work and create one- of-a-kind wedding realms: I Dreamed of Africa; Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom; Roman Holiday; Paris When it Sizzles; Casino Royale; Memoirs of Geisha; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Blue Hawaii, Sinbad.

Of all the themes, Memoirs of Geisha caught our attention upon entering the venue. The cherry blossom tree that the suppliers used to style their realm is very romantic.

{No less than Rene Gaviola, one of the photographers/wedding suppliers at the fair, saw H2B taking a photo of me so he offered to take a photo of us together.}

{The romantic cherry blossom tree}

Probably one of the exciting things that we did during the fair was the shooting of our invite video done by no less than Buddy Gancenia. The shoot was fun and natural (hope so). H2B and I enjoyed the whole process (no doubt). It was a sweet and short video, which is going to be available in two weeks time. Can’t wait. :)

{After the shoot: Buddy Gancenia of Reality Wedding, yours truly and H2B}

For the meantime, I’d like to point out some things that are worth sharing. There are, of course, some flaws. I have to agree with my co-W@Wies, there are a limited number of suppliers, thus, few choices. We did not even notice some of the suppliers because they are way at the back of their assigned realm. As far as I can remember, we were able to complete our suppliers’ round after about 20 minutes.

One more thing. While the event venue was fully dressed up and styled, the reception/registration area was a bit bare as what we can see on these pictures:

{Registration Area}

{Main Entrance}

There you go. Until the next bridal fair. Good night and happy preps!

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